Now-a-days, pan francés (French toast) is commonly said in Mexico City’s culinary neighborhoods thanks to Chef Eduardo García, one of Mexico’s most creative and admired chefs, highly known for his product-focused philosophy. Lalo (Eduardo’s nickname in Spanish) grew up as a migrant worker in the US, he gained valuable kitchen experience from Chef Eric Ripert in New York.

Institute of the Americas: Latin American Journalists Program

7 OCTOBER 2014 It’s such a privilege to participate in the Institute of the Americas‘ Latin American Journalists Program in Boston, Mass. I’m creating a special menu of diabetes-friendly breakfast recipes using the abundance of healthy Latin American ingredients, which I will demo for health journalists from all over Central and South America. Then, it’s…

Big Brunch Enchiladas

An intrinsically Mexican dish, enchiladas are not one but a multitude of possibilities that can dress up a corn tortilla. Simply the sound of the word enchilada makes any Mexican’s mouth water in less than a millisecond and is cause for celebration. One of the dearest antojos or antojitos (translate to whims or little whims),…