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“The kitchen is the hub of the action, whether Jinich is testing recipes, whipping up weeknight carnitas (the boys’ favorite) or entertaining. “If you come into our home,” she says with a winsome smile and a lilting accent, “you’re coming in as family.” Laid-back parties start in the kitchen, with Jinich prepping appetizers around the…

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“‘Everybody I know in the Mexican-Jewish community was so grateful to grow roots here, but mostly for the religious freedom,’ says Jinich. ‘There was an opportunity to say, ‘We can rebuild the community, and we don’t have to sacrifice our religion in order to survive. We have to stick together.’ That closeness has fostered a truly…

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“Jinich’s cooking is a reminder to readers that borders are fluid. Ingredients and techniques cross nations and continents; people do the same. That kind of thinking—and cooking—is a humanizing beacon during these discouraging times, when the hopeful essence of the United States’ potential seems to be in jeopardy.”


“The first time you eat gefilte fish Veracruzana you realize that your whole concept of gefilte fish needs to be turned on its head, that a new gefilte fish line needs to be drawn, not just the line that divides the sweet and the salty, but one dividing the spicy from the non-spicy; the hot…


“For Pati Jinich, the cookbook author and host of Pati’s Mexican Table on PBS, the holidays are all about the food. Born into a Jewish family in Catholic-dominated Mexico City, Jinich now celebrates Christmas and Hanukkah—at least when it comes to eating. Each December, she makes the floating-island recipe her “Lali” (grandmother) carried with her when she…

Pati Jinich: A la Mexicana!

“Cuando se le pregunta qué consejo le daría a quienes recién comienzan, no duda en responder: “Trabajar duro, probar diferentes cosas y que se den la oportunidad de cambiar de opinión. Al pasar del tiempo, partes de nosotros mismos que ni siquiera conocemos, aparecen. Mira, ¡quién iba a decir que yo que quería ser una académica,…


“Queremos reactivar la economía de una forma en la que ellas se sientan empoderadas y así reconstruir su vida”, afirma. “Es una herramienta para que puedan otra vez cocinar y empezar a ganar dinero.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Mexican cuisine ‘growing and evolving,’ says PBS cooking show host

“While Jinich deems that ‘there is something that we can call Mexican-Jewish cuisine,’ she also sees that fusion as something that is hardly static. Like all cuisines, ‘it keeps growing and evolving.’ But, she noted, ‘There are dishes that have been passed down for generations.”