WUSA9: Avocado Soup for Cinco de Mayo


WUSA9: Avocado Soup for Cinco de Mayo

I joined JC to make a cool refreshing Avocado Soup to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. To learn how to make it click below…

  • Congrats, superstar!!!

  • The soup looks terrific and the cook looks marvelous! You do such a great job. xox

  • You have great stage presence.

  • MMMM…. looks great!!! i´ll be tryiing it soon! will let you know what I think!! you are awsome!

    • Pati Jinich

      Thanks! Would love to know what you think about it…

  • Yum! I’m going to make it today since I have many ripe avocados. We just planted two trees and 5 years from now, we’ll have many of our own, I hope. Nice job on t.v.

    • Pati Jinich

      Many thanks Kristin. Oh! I wish I had an avocado tree, that’s just fabulous!

  • Finally got around to make this soup! it was awsome! even Yael, 2 yrs old, loved it!I had made other avocado soups before, but really loved this one, yumm!!! Gracias amigocha!

    • Pati Jinich

      Con todo gusto amigocha, que bueno!!!!! Hazme el special request que quieras ; )

  • I would love to get 2 of your recipes: The Spicy Pesach Chicken Soup with Mazah Balls, as well as the recipe for your Avocado Soup.
    Mucho Gracias,