Pati’s Mexican Table Cooking Show Preview: Take a Peek!


Pati’s Mexican Table Cooking Show Preview: Take a Peek!

Thanks to the amazing team at Cortez Brothers for editing this quick preview of the new show on PBS, take a peek!!!

  • I’m speechless! (That’s a first) FELICIDADES doesn’t even begin to cover it!!! I am So happy for you! It’s a great accomplishment, Te mando un gran abrazo Pati.

    • Pati Jinich

      Muchisimas gracias Renata ; )

  • Pati, The show looks yummy!! It’s so visually appealing and combined with your charm and natural love of food, it will have to be fantastic! Congratulations. Lots of Love, Debra

  • Bravo Pati, Bravo…….A refreshing new show, wishing you much success and looking forward to seeing the shows.
    Best regards.

  • Congrats, Pati! I’m so proud for your and can’t to find out more. I’m in Oklahoma. Our PBS station is OETA out of Oklahoma City, OK. When will your show air?
    I absolutely love receiving your newsletter. Discovered you when you appeared on Paula Deen’s how.
    Nos Vemos, Amiga!

  • cool!!

  • Great promo piece Pati!
    You appear so natural in front of the camera and generate such charisma. The lens just loves that sweet face of yours!
    So, from your happy fans who loyally read your blog, I say, “felicidades to the next food star sensation!”
    It couldn’t happen to a nicer person!

  • YEA!! It will show in Austin!!!! You will have many followers here!!!

  • Looks amazing. I hope I get a chance to see this in Canada!

  • PATI!!!!!!!!!
    La camara is in love with you! You are a natural. FAMOSA AMIGA!!! muchas felicidades y exitos!

  • Wow Pat! Felicidades!!!!

  • Pati I can’t wait to see you!! You are the best !!!! Felicidades !!!!

  • what! oh my how could i not have known about this? Pati, this is WONDERFUL i am so happy for you. congratulations! besos, shayma

  • Deb

    Hi Pati! Absolutely fantastic news…I’m so excited for you! Big Congrats!!! Deb

  • Pati, this is SO exciting. I hope you will continue to post videos or links to episodes once they have aired…I am among a small minority of people who don’t do TV…

  • WOW! Very exciting Pati! FELICIDADES! I will be sure to tune in! You are a HUGE inspiration.
    Muy Bueno Cookbook

  • Ooo… I hope we get this at our PBS station. I miss Rick Bayless, and your show will fill the void nicely.

  • Muchas felicidades Pati! estoy segura que tu programa sera todo un exito.

  • Muchas felicidades Pati ! Excelente show, lo acabo de ver y me gustó mucho. Me da gusto ver que finalmente alguien va a cocinar VERDADERA comida Mexicana y no TexMex. Espero poder verte pronto en “prime time” !! Suerte!

  • Por favor, Pati, Please make the show available to watch online after it is broadcast. My television antenna and converter box do not pull in WETA even though I am in Washington, DC. Un monton de gracias!

    • Pati Jinich

      Hi Irene,
      I will do my best to have them online. Thanks!

  • congratulations, pati! when i saw you on paula deen’s show i told myself, “that girl has what it takes to carry a show of her own.”. today i see you on my pbs schedule and i went crazy happy. i am looking forward to learning with you. like the previous posts, i also am hoping you will offer episodes online. again, muchas muchas felicidades! best wishes sent ~

    • Pati Jinich

      Hola Isabella!
      I will try to offer them online too… and many thanks for your best wishes, best wishes go to you too!

  • Hi Pati,
    I enjoyed the show since your food is
    from scratch and not thown togather from
    canned food like some of the other shows.
    I did not see the homemade salsa you made
    on the show from dried red chiles?
    Take care,

    • Pati Jinich

      Hi Lisa,
      So good that you liked it! I hope you like the next ones too…
      here is a link to that recipe
      I am publishing the recipes for each episode, under the section on the site called PBS show, there you’ll find the episode and each one, the recipes…

  • Love your show!

  • Wow! Just watched your show for the first time on PBS in Kansas City.
    I think this was the first showing but it was fabulous! I loved the way you told the history of Mexico and the difference of Mexican and US Tex-Mex. Hope to see you on PBS often. Thank you Pati!

  • Pati….primera vez que miro tu show y me dio un gran gusto ver la verdadera clasica comida mexicana….Felicidades!!! me has traido muy agradables memorias de mi ninez….una nueva fan en tu larga lista….

  • Yesterday, Saturday 8/12 wasthe first time we saw your program on
    PBS. My husband said “Run, don’t walk and get her cookbook!”
    Fabulous show and the Cowboy beans sound over the hill. Where can I get the recipes.
    Please send infor via my e-mail.
    Thank you, Carol

    • Pati Jinich

      Hola Carol,
      I’m currently working on the cookbook, so hopefully it will be out in 2012 and you will still want to run and buy it! Please keep watching the show for new recipes, and I also often try to update the blog with new delicious dishes as well! Thank you 🙂

  • Hi Pati, I just watched your show on PBS. I am not Mexican but love the food. You have a fantastic theme song. I don’t speak Spanish and would love to know the words. Good luck with the show!

  • Pati, I love your show and wish it was a 1 hour slot, I cannot get enough of your fresh and cute face. You remind both my husband and me of our daughter, who lives with her husband in Zihuatenejo. Most of my mexican cooking I have leared from you or my son in law. I am also a whole foods cook and enjoy every bit of each new salsa, or mexican flan receipe you can share with me. Thanks for all the yummy new receipes and may God bless your success and love for food and family

    • Pati Jinich

      Muchas gracias for the lovely message Heidi!! I am so happy I am able to teach about Mexican cooking and share my recipes! 🙂

  • Love your show! Can tamales be cooked in a pressure cooker and for how long do you estimate? They will be meat filled and small to average in size and I will be cooking a large cooker full.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Pati Jinich

      Hi Lynne, I’m so glad to hear you like the show. Thank you for watching! I have never tried cooking tamales in a pressure cooker. I’m not sure it would work because a tamalera is much like a steamer and cooks the tamales at a low temperature with steady steam. I’m afraid the pressure cooker may get too hot.

  • Tom

    Can you tell me the maker of the red electric mixer that Pati uses on her TV shows?

    • Pati

      Hi Tom, The mixer is made by Viking.

  • Amy

    Hi Pati! I absolutely love you and your show! I would love to visit Mexico again but this time to explore the food! I need you to be my guide.. haha. I’m from New Mexico and your recipes are similar to our traditional foods here but more exotic! I’ve been searching for your episodes online but cannot locate any. Do you plan to release them online? I’d also like to know what brand is your dutch oven and blender? Mucho amor!! 🙂

    • Pati

      Hi Amy! The blender is Kitchen Aid, the dutch oven is Le Creuset. I will be adding some clips of the episodes online soon! Thanks for taking the time to write ; )

  • Renee

    Really enjoy your show on CREATE TV. Have given your cookbook as gifts and they were well received. Especially like your history & cul-
    tural comments.

    Please, who & what is the theme song at the beginning of your show? “Dame, dame tu peloncillo, dame, dame tu corazon …” ?


    • Pati

      Hi Renee,
      Thank you for watching my show and thank you even more for gifting my cookbook! The song is called Dame and it is by a group called Domingo Siete, pretty sweet, huh?