Episode 113: Wrapped Treats

Mexicans have been wrapping and cooking food in leaves for a long time, and this episode will look at the reasons why. It will also share three scrumptious dishes you can make in your own kitchen with the wrapping method and with three different kids of wrappers! We’ll also look at some shortcuts and tips for cooking wrapped foods in your own kitchen, as opposed to the traditional method of digging a pit or steaming them in an enormous pot.

  • Just watched your show for the first time, wonderful!I appreciate the ability to download your interesting recipes, THANK YOU!

  • Good day and GOD Bless Patti! This recipe is awesome, I didnt know tamales could be made a “sweet treat”. I used walnuts because I didnt have pecans. It was delicious. Thank You and keep bringing us these glorious meals.

    • Pati Jinich

      Thank you Chelsa. I promise to keep working hard and I hope you continue to enjoy the show.

  • Hi Pati! Are any more episodes forthcoming? We DVR’d the entire season but haven’t seen any more in months. Your personality, humor, and warmth pop out of the screen and make this a great and fun show. My family really misses seeing you. Take care and God bless.

    • Pati Jinich

      Hi Will, I am so glad your family enjoys the show! Yes, we are working on more episodes now. 🙂

  • Will

    Thanks Pati, we look forward to it. I am part of a family that has deep and abiding respect for traditional, true Mexican cooking and they are fast to point out that you know your stuff very well. And when you set your viewers straight about bottled lime juice, it was hilarious! Thanks again and take care. You have a lot of fans in the Maldonados of southern California 🙂

  • How do you make tamales in the microwave,I thought i had seen you once wrap them in siran wrap and cook them in the micro wave?

  • Hi Pati,
    I was wondering if you could tell me and help me find a recipe for Chapparado?It has mexican chocolate,masa etc.and it is served hot…. My mother tells me that it is good for stomaches or just for drinking..I would appreciate the help..
    Thank You, Melinda

    • Pati Jinich

      I will try to post a recipe soon Melinda!