The Splendid Table: Mexican-American Food


The Splendid Table: Mexican-American Food

It was a lot of fun talking to Gustavo Arellano, who writes the syndicated column “¡Ask a Mexican!” and author of Taco USA, about foods that have been shared across the U.S.-Mexico border. If you missed us on the radio, listen here…

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  • cyrous bahri

    the way you cook and explain is so sincere and true. I like
    the foods you made today (4/7/14) rice and big shrimps, and also the beef stew.I did not see in your show the kind of show offs we usually see in some channels.Thank You

    • Pati


  • gabby

    I agree with the comment above and the cornbread recipe looks amazing i feel proud of having too see you cook texican food and im not even Mexican arriba buen trabajo

    • Pati

      Gracias, Gabby!

  • Debra

    Where can I find all the recipes for 4.7.14 everything looed so good and I would like to try and make it for my family 😀 thank you

  • lou

    agree with you all. pati is the real deal, inspires one to celebrate the abundance of Mexican cuisine.

  • What was the breakfast you made with your Poppy on the show where he surprised you with the Mariachi Band in his Restaurant?
    I saw onions, peppers and tomatoes. Then people eating something on bread. What was it called and please tell me where could I find the recipe?