ABC The Chew: Bricklayer Tacos


ABC The Chew: Bricklayer Tacos

I always have so much fun being a guest on The Chew. This time, I made my Bricklayer-Style Tacos with Daphne Oz.

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  1. Check out the Texas Taco Music Fest website. Event to be held on April 18, 2015 in Houston, Texas, from 11 am to 8 on at the Navigation Blvd Esplanade. ABC13 Houston is a sponsor.

  2. Since we don’t eat pork, I thought to try this w/turkey bacon, but it’s hard to find any with flavor, & the texture can be weird, too. Settled on cubed locally made smoked turkey instead, tossed with a little olive oil & chipotle & seared briefly. Not quite the same, I suppose, but really yummy. Thanks for this fun, filling & pretty recipe!