ABC 7 News: Pati Jinich celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month


ABC 7 News: Pati Jinich celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

“Food is a great ‘teacher’ when it comes to learning about culture. Is that how you get people excited about all-things-Mexico?

Indeed! It seems to me that there is no better place to share differences, no more joyous and peaceful way to experience other’s ‘culture’ than at the table. The dish, a recipe, is just the start. It is a delicious and edible lid that opens a world of how a people, a country, a community live: how they grow, buy and sell ingredients, how they cook, serve, interact, share, celebrate; ultimately, how their lives are built and experienced.”

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  1. I have all your shows on my dvr– I love pork tamales and I can’t find the recipe my grandmother used to make– I tried but my mole isnt as good as her’s, and I know she put something in the masa– like chicken stock or pork stock and some sauce in it- but she’s 91 and a little senile so I can’t get the recipe from her. I know it’s from her mother who grew up in mexico. I would love to get a good mole for pork tamales and for the masa–either on your future shows or…. anything will be appreciated. love your show and glad your in my area. thanks, Anna p.s she lives in california and we used to make it there when i would visit her.