About Pati's Mexican Table

As friends and students of my program know, there is never enough time for me to say all I want to convey. In my continuous amazement of what I have yet to learn and taste, I am humbled and fascinated by each finding, whether traveling through Mexico or cooking at the Institute, in my kitchen or other kitchens with other cooks. I love to share this information.

This food blog is an attempt to do so.

Each recipe included is here because I love it. I test it until it becomes a magical potion, for my classes or family meals. Having lived here for more than a dozen years, I understand some of the challenges of raising a family in the US and putting a meal on the table for picky eaters. I also try my best to make each class as meaningful as I can for those who take the time to come to my classes and events. I am deeply thankful for their participation.  Thank you! I started this blog because and for you.

As one of my goals is to make cooking simple and accessible, all the ingredients used are easy to find. I also try to figure out the easiest route to get to the yummiest version of a dish and give detailed instructions as to the progression of a dish by the smells, sights, sounds, textures and tastes you are looking for. This is so you can develop your own instincts and feel empowered in your own kitchen.

In sum, in my blog, I will tell you what happens before and after a scrumptious dish shows up at my table: the research, trips, stories, testing, cooking, eating and sharing. I hope it is a worthwhile effort, and you get as much pleasure reading it as I do writing it!   

TIP: I update the content continuously and more than once a week. However, some times it is as a post and sometimes it is in the ingredients or basics section. Do check them all out!

Note: Photos on headers come from Cade Martin, Monika Pamp, Darren Higgins and my husband Daniel Jinich. I take the rest of the photos. Please bear with me, I am learning as I go… (they will get better, promise!)

ps… if you like what you read and see here, I am delighted!! But if you want to use and publish any of the content or photos, please ask beforehand and link to this blog. Many thanks.