Achiote Adobo Thanksgiving Turkey

BlogNov 13

Thanksgiving Turkey

Right after we got married, we moved from Mexico City…

Achiote Adobo Thanksgiving Turkey

RecipesOct 25

Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey Thanksgiving Turkey recipe from Pati's Mexican Table Season…

Tikin Xic or Achiote Rubbed Fish recipe

RecipesOct 06

Tikin Xic

Achiote Rubbed Fish Achiote Rubbed Fish recipe from Pati's Mexican…

Pati Jinich Tacos al Pastor

TV ShowMar 25

Tacos al Pastor

Tacos al Pastor Tacos al Pastor recipe from Pati's Mexican…

RecipesApr 01

Achiote Adobo Marinade

Achiote Adobo Marinade Adobo de Achiote 2 guajillo chiles3 garlic…

Chicken Pibil main

BlogDec 18

Pollo Pibil

Last December, Daniel and I went to Yucatán. I was swept…

achiote seeds main

BlogDec 18

Achiote or Annatto Seeds

Achiote or Annatto seeds is a spice that grows heavily…

achiote paste main

BlogDec 16

Achiote Paste or Recado Rojo

The achiote paste or recado rojo, is one of the…