Sonoran Hot Dog

RecipesJan 14

Sonoran Hot Dogs

Sonoran Hot Dogs Sonoran Hot Dogs, courtesy of Daniel Contreras…

Pati Jinich overloaded mexican chocolate milkshake

RecipesSep 01

Overloaded Mexican Chocolate Milkshake

Overloaded Mexican Chocolate Milkshake Overloaded Mexican Chocolate Milkshake recipe from…

Media ClipsJul 28

NBC Today: Lime-Rubbed Chicken & Mexican Red Rice

I spent the morning at the Today Show, cooking up…

dried corn husks

BlogJan 30

Corn Husks

Corn has been a central part of the Mexican diet…

Mexican Style Gefilte Fish

BlogSep 11

Do You Want it Red or White? Mexican Style Gefilte Fish

My paternal grandmother, Bobe, used to make two kinds of…

bean and corn salad

BlogJun 13

Hearty Bean & Corn Salad with Cilantro Vinaigrette

One of the things that I’m most enthusiastic about in…

BlogApr 05

Dream Big: Tres Leches and Strawberry Jello

Red, green, orange, blue… and all the colors you can…

Cajeta Main

BlogFeb 25

Cajeta: Make it at Home

For years, I’ve managed to turn every Mexican vacation into…

BlogDec 12

Santa Clara Cookies

You know what happens when you eat a Santa Clara…

pati jinich pan de muerto

BlogOct 25

Make Pan de Muerto at Home!

I wouldn't be caught dead without Pan de Muerto during…

Chipilin Soup Main

BlogSep 30

Chipilí­n Soup with Masa and Fresh Cheese Dumplings

I have a thing for soups. Doesn't matter what time…

Meaty Tamal Casserole

BlogFeb 15

Make It, Freeze It, Take It: The Mexican Casserole

Every few months, my family gets together with a Latin…

BlogFeb 04

Lamb Barbacoa in Adobo

Barbacoa is one of those iconic Mexican foods. Juicy, tender…

pati jinich bunuelos recipe

BlogDec 21

Buñuelos: High Maintenance, But So Worth It!

When I was about 10 years old, my parents developed…

Pumpkin and Ancho Chile Mole main

BlogOct 25

Pumpkin and Ancho Chile Mole

You can do fabulous things with pumpkins aside from spooky…

green pozole or pozole verde

BlogSep 09

Pozole: Try It Green!

Red pozole, or Pozole Rojo, Jalisco style, has been my…

BlogJun 29

Go Wild, Munch On Your Crazy Corn!

The Mexican way to wildly dress simply cooked corn drives…

BlogApr 11

Molletes with Pico: No Way not to Fall in Love

It takes three ingredients, plus any extra topping that you…

BlogApr 11

Pico de Gallo Salsa

There are countless versions of Pico de Gallo salsas.  Their…

BlogJan 15

Where to Find Caldo de Camarón? Make Your Own…

When I was in high school in Mexico City, Tecamacharlie's…

BlogDec 19

You Say Mexican Wedding Cookies, I Say Polvorones

I had never heard the name Mexican Wedding Cookies. Ever.…

BlogNov 12

You have a Pumpkin? Turn it into Tacha!

They go hand in hand, Autumn and Pumpkins. In the…

Pati Jinich picadillo empanadas of the immaculate conception

BlogAug 12

Empanadas of the “Immaculate Conception”

With a soft, crumbly and almost sweet dough that embraces…

BlogJul 28

Crazy for Tepache

I am crazy for Tepache. Gently sweet, with an innocent…

chicken tinga or tinga de pollo

BlogJul 16

Chicken Tinga for Today (Show) and Everyday!

What to cook for the Today Show? With so many…

BlogJun 26

Bossed Around at El Bají­o: Plantain Quesadillas

Each time I go back to Mexico City, even before…

BlogMay 31

Quesadillas at the Mexico City Fair

The last time I was at the Mexico City Chapultepec…

Fresh Fruit Cart main

BlogMay 21

Running to Catch the Fresh Fruit Cart!

Every year, just as summer peeks its warm face in…

BlogMay 07

Chef Solis’s Mexican Crab Cakes with Jalapeño Aioli

I was invited to design a Cinco de Mayo menu…

chilorio burritas recipe

BlogApr 30

Chilorio for Cinco de Mayo!

Memories from growing up in Mexico City revolve around one…


BlogApr 16


We came back home exhausted, after being away for a…

mole poblano

BlogMar 25

Mole Poblano: Yes You Can!

The showcase of last week's class was one of Mexico's…

Flourless Almond and Porto Cake main

BlogMar 14

Flourless Almond and Porto Cake

This cake is a treat. What's more, being flourless, it…

Tres Leches Cake main

BlogFeb 19

Tres Leches Cake

Pastel de Tres Leches or Three Milk's Cake, is one…