Spiced Up Pomegranate, Chile y Limón Cocktail

BlogOct 11

Hora de Celebrar! Pomegranate, Tequila, Chile y Limón

The leaves have already turned orange, yellow, red and brown…

pomegranate short ribs

BlogJan 11

Pomegranate Short Rib Tacos

This meal makes for a beast of a taco. Well, quite…

BlogNov 15

Pomegranate or Granada

The pomegranate is such a vivid, vibrant and enticing fruit,…

Cucumber Soup main

BlogAug 27

Cucumber Soup with Mint, Jalapeño and Pomegranate

Last post was about that Cucumber Martini I could drink…

chiles en nogada

BlogSep 11

OK… Chiles en Nogada, at last!

During the years I've been teaching at the Mexican Cultural…