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By Eduardo | @eduardoplaschinski The experience at Alfonsina starts the moment you…

Tamales Madre

BlogMay 08

Tamales Madre

By Eduardo | @eduardoplaschinski Walking along Liverpool street in Mexico City’s Colonia…


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By Eduardo | @cazadordelomejor I have enjoyed being the Mexico City picks…

Heladería Casa Morgana

BlogNov 08

Heladería Casa Morgana

By Eduardo | @cazadordelomejor A 3- by 3-meter window in…

Tuna carnitas at Contramar in Mexico City

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By Eduardo | @cazadordelomejor Mexico City’s freshest and tastiest seafood,…

cafe de olla and breakfast at Fonda Margarita

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Fonda Margarita

By Eduardo | @cazadordelomejor If you’re a very early morning…

french toast at lalo in Mexico City

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By Eduardo | @cazadordelomejor Now-a-days, pan francés (French toast) is…

clay pots filled with guisados at Tacos HOLA in Mexico City

BlogMay 12

Tacos HOLA “El Güero”

By Eduardo | @cazadordelomejor Large clay casseroles filled with some…