The Hedonist Magazine: Pati Jinich, The Everyday Magic of Mexican Cuisine

“Jinich tells us, ‘My relationship with food is very intense and very emotional.’ Her whole life has revolved around food. She savored every meal from breakfast to dinner, constantly wondering what she would eat next. She recounts skipping school to eat Mexican-style hot dogs and soups with her sisters, the irresistible taste of a taquito de nada (the “nothing taco,” a deliciously warm and pliable corn tortilla sprinkled with salt and rolled), tamales (a daily food which are also the feast of gods), pasta seca, flan, and so many other delectable dishes.”

PR Web: New Season of ‘Pati’s Mexican Table’ Portrays Another Side of Sinaloa

“Fresh from picking up a second James Beard Award for Outstanding TV Program this year, after taking home the award for Outstanding TV Host in 2018, Jinich felt emboldened to take on a region often equated with violence and show another side to Sinaloa’s story we don’t hear about in the news.”