Pati Jinich with sons

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  1. Hola it’s Cecilia, sending u this quick msg. My family loved ur Oaxaca garlic and otegano chicken, and ur roasted corn, would have made their cream u had on ur episode but u don’t have s ice cream maker, oh well 2 out if three isn’t bad, wishing u s great mother’s day.

  2. Hi Pati,I watch your show in Far North Queensland Australia.your Show is so Refreshing your cooking is Absolutely Fabulous I Love the way u always taste your food with Big mouth truely do enjoy your food and your shows really are the best.So are your Boys it’s always a Treat when JuJu is in the kitchen.Happy Cooking

  3. Dear Pati
    My daughter and I saw your Juju chocolate episode. She has an older brother named Julian and named him Juju when she was small. Didn’t know there were other Jujus. Thank you and your sons for great recipes.