Cityline: Pati Jinich showcases authentic, home-style Mexican cuisine


Cityline: Pati Jinich showcases authentic, home-style Mexican cuisine

“Ever since she was a child, Pati Jinich has been passionate about food and sharing her love for all things culinary – what I didn’t expect was to have her literally share her love of food with me. When we met at The Senator restaurant in Toronto on a Monday morning, Jinich enjoyed a traditional diner breakfast while we chatted, and generously insisted that I try some of her meal, as well. ‘Can I give you a little?’ she asked. ‘Please, it’s so much food! Ask for a plate. Eat with me!’

American public television viewers have witnessed Jinich’s fun and welcoming nature through her popular television show, Pati’s Mexican Table, since 2007, and now with the launch of her debut cookbook of the same name, Jinich’s home-style Mexican cooking is making waves across the continent. Jinich is quick to emphasize, however, that what she cooks isn’t the fast-food, Tex-Mex food that many Canadians might usually eat. ‘Real Mexican food is healthy and wholesome,’ Jinich explains…”

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  1. Dear Pati:

    Enjoyed your show immensely. It was the one about your making scrimp, some kind of tomato drink, and a Mexican flan. You were joined by a gentleman who make a tequila drink with a floating slice of lime. It is possible to get the recipes for that day? If I must buy your cookbook that would be alright too.

    Mucho Gracias,