Episode 301: Born in the Kitchen

Pati travels to Mexico City to reconnect with her father and help him cook one of her favorite childhood meals: Huevos a la Mexicana. Back in her own kitchen, she’ll use that visit as inspiration to cook a few dishes that she remembers fondly from childhood, and then pass on the tradition by cooking dessert with her youngest son Juju.

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  1. I love Pati’s Mexican Table. I was married to a Mexican man for 8 years, who was a fabulous cook. Although, sorrowfully we have since divorced, I still found myself wanting to taste and eat and recreate the food that I fell in love with during that time in my life. Many of Pati’s recipes have jogged my memory on how to make certain foods, and I have been able to recreate what I loved most about dinner with my now ex-husband. I am very grateful for that. I have also been trying to find her recipe for Salsa Tijera and recalled that Pati said she used it as a topping for many foods… It sounded fabulous, but I wondered in what ways she used the Salsa Tijera. If you could help me find that recipe, I would appreciate it immensely.

  2. I love this episode Juju is so cute I made the beef tonight it was wonderful along with your everyday green salad. Thanks for the recipe!

  3. I would like to have Pati,s recipes for May 10, 2014. She made a dessert with cream cheese, condensed milk, but I do not remember the rest.

    Thans for your attention.

    Noema Alvarez