Episode 304: Meals in a Minute

Pati is a busy mom on the go. If you’re a mom that likes to cook for your family and take your kids to school, practice and everywhere else, you need a few quick and easy meals in your arsenal. Pati’s oldest sister Karen, who has older kids, shares a few tips as they visit her restaurant in Mexico City. Then, back at home, Pati shows us some of her go-to weekly dishes.

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  1. My momma and i just saw your episode with pound cake, and tuna casserole tortilla soup…we Are going to try and make it very soon. And going to be picking up your cook books to see what other recipes we can find! We absolutely love your show thank you so much for doing it!

    1. Oh thank you so much Virgil! I hope you have lots of fun cooking from the cookbooks…and say hi to your mom for me.