Episode 309: Pot Luck Party

It’s Pot Luck Party day at Pati’s house! Today, she’s having some friends over and this time everyone’s contributing to the meal — no one shows up empty handed. Pati also welcomes home design expert, who is bringing along one of her favorite Cuban recipes.

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  1. Pati, Thanks so much!

    “Give me” is even sweeter than “call me”! I will find that song and do some good cooking?

  2. Dear Pati,
    Great episode! Can’t wait to make barbacoa I banana leaves. Please tell me what song plays at the opening … “llame tu chocolate, llame tu corazon”…it’s infectious and fun and I need to play it for my hubby.

    1. Thank you so much Andrea! The song is called “Dame” and the group that sings it is Domingo Siete, the lyrics go…
      Dame tu chocolate (give me your chocolate)
      Dame tu piloncillo (give me your unrefined sugar)
      Dame café caliente (give me hot coffee)
      Dame tu corazón (give me your heart)

  3. what was the name of the town patti visited in this episode.
    she had jello and “pasta” icecream in the town square somewhere
    in mexico