Episode 310: Brunch at the Jinich House

Breakfast is Mexico’s favorite meal, and it’s also the Jinich family’s favorite! It’s Sunday, and Pati is up early in the kitchen as the rest of the family sleeps in. She’s hard at work creating a full, three course menu of some of her family’s preferred Mexican breakfast dishes to enjoy ’round the table on a lazy morning.

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  1. I just saw this episode on Create, and all of the recipes look enticing, especially the French toast. The flaminco guitar playing during this recipe also caught my ear. Can you provide the artist / song title?

  2. Pati, I made your Mexican Coffee last weekend, and again this weekend. So good I had to go buy more canela. I think It’s my new Sunday morning treat!! Muy delicioso!

  3. Pati, I just saw this episode and wow, everything looks so delicious. I can’t wait to try these recipes, especially the huevos rancheros. I have a feeling these will be a must have on Sundays. Thank you for your delicious show.

  4. Pati,
    This was the first episode we ever saw. We caught it by chance because you and my Mexican wife spell your names the same, which sparked her curiosity. I happen to love Cuban coffee and can’t wait to try this rendition of Mexican Coffee. We try to find and record as many episodes as we can now, thanks for sharing your delicious recipes and your fun stories along the way.

    1. Tony, Thank you so much! So happy you found my show!! Tell your wife she has a lovely name, and let me know what you think of the Mexican Coffee…