Episode 403: Taco Night!

There are so many delicious ways to enjoy tacos, and Pati is constantly trying to impress her boys with new twists on traditional taco recipes. Her sons love tacos so much that the Jinich’s have a family tradition every couple of weeks: Taco Night! While the family is on vacation in San Miguel, Pati has decided to bring their Taco Night tradition to Mexico.

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  1. I would like the recipes for the cheese filling and also for the corn tortillas. Also the recipe for the meat, what meat, what seasonings?

  2. A huge value to me is the conversational asides regarding the ingredients, methods, etc. A written recipe does not have that benefit. Is there a way to see the episode again?

  3. Hi Patie,

    Love your show you are so cute and you can tell you enjoy your work that’s awesome!

    I’m Mexican also from Orange County I live in Huntington Beach, and I also love to cook like you 🙂 You have probably traveled throughout Mexico I have a question for you? I won a trip to Mazatlan, but unfortunately have not heard any positive things. I love Mexico have been to Cabo, San Felipe, PV, and my favorite Cancun. Should I wait and go back to Cancun or Play Del Carman?

    Thank you Pati ?

    1. Hi Denise!
      There is a map online that tells you where it is safe and unsafe to travel to tourist destinations all over the world, including Mexico. After you research, you should always go where you feel comfortable going!

  4. Pati your last name does not sound hispano You and Hubby both appear hispanos share where its from. Can you recommend where in Mexico to retire safely and calmly

    1. Yeah… so many names sound what they are not. There are SO many places in Mexico that are safe and calm! The Yucatan Peninsula for one, the state of Guanajuato -where San Miguel de Allende is located- is another that comes to mind…

  5. Recently discovered your cooking show on PBS.I love your recipes how truly Authentic Mexican they are. I have been searching for these type of recipes. Keep them coming. Good Job Pati. Loved your Taco Night show. YUMMY.

  6. Hi,
    I watched Pati’s program for the first time “Taco night” I really enjoyed the program and hope to catch it again. I am searching for the sauce recipe she used to cook the pineapple on this particular episode. I tuned in a bit late Does anybody happen to have it?

  7. Love your show Patti, what is the name of the Taco place
    Where your Father and you ate ? The Campechano Tacos !
    Love your Show it’s awesomely Authentic Mexican !

      1. Thank you Pati, Love your show , The Food you Cook always looks
        Amazingly Delicious you cook with so much Passion and Love !

  8. Awesome show, Pati! What’s the name of Andy’s taco stand in San Miguel and where can I find it? I’ve been cooking my own al pastor, pero yo no tengo ni color comparado con el…

    ¡Saludos desde Australia!

    1. Hi to Australia!!! Liam, Andy’s taco stand is known exactly as Andy’s taco stand. It is near one of the churches, but if you ask there, everyone knows!

  9. My first time watching this series and it will not be my last. Everything looked delicious and I love Pati’s positive, fun attitude. I even think I might have to buy a tortilla press.