Episode 405: Tamaliza!

An episode dedicated to one of Mexico’s most iconic foods: tamales. Pati will cook a few variations of tamales, both savory and sweet, then her girlfriends stop by for a tamal party – a tamaliza!

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  1. Today I’m making tamales by myself due to the pandemic and I need a recipe. I think to myself who can I get a recipe from and boom you popped into my head you were the first person that came to mind. so I’m looking at your videos to see your style and recipe for Pork Tamales. Maybe might make the chicken & green salsa one.

    1. Have fun making the tamales Valerie, I am sure you are going to loved them whether you pick the pork or the chicken ones. And the great thing is that if you have left overs, you can freeze them!

  2. My girlfriend and I really enjoyed watching the show. Enjoying cooking together we are looking forward to making the recipes on this episode for sure.

  3. Can I please be one of your girlfriends! This episode is my idea of a Girls’ Night Out! I am going to try to recreate all the recipes from this episode and invite a few of my friends. If it weren’t for this pandemic, I would be inviting more than a “few.”

  4. Just saw this episode on Create and I just have to try all of the recipes. I cant find the recipes when I type in Tamaliza lol someone help..

  5. Just saw this episode ! Yum ! I can’t seem to find the recipe to the tamale casserole/lasagna, only a meaty one. Is that the same or is there a shredded chicken in green salsa one ?

  6. Just saw this episode this morning, and I think it’s my favorite batch of recipes so far. Every single dish made me want to cook AND to eat. I’ve been dying to learn tamale-making for years, and I think I’m now inspired to give it a try this fall. And that green rice! I’m making it tomorrow to accompany a batch of braised shortribs.

    Thanks Pati, this was an inspiring show.

  7. We enjoy Pati’s show very much. Please consider adding links to episodes so that we can re-watch them after they are aired. Thanks!