Episode 407: Cooking with the Fans

Pati is in constant contact with her fans – through Facebook, Twitter, email – and they love to give her feedback on her recipes. In this episode, Pati will update and put new spins on her three most popular recipes according to the fans. And she’ll surprise a lucky fan by showing up at his or her house!

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  1. hi pati my name john henry pickett i am 26 years old can you mail me autograph picture of you and can you mail picture of you and your sister and i reply no answer back and do you reply back to me and l hope to here back from you and love john henry pickett and thank you so much

    1. Hi John, I don’t have autographed pictures, but I can send you a signed bookplate that you can put in one of my books. If you would like a bookplate, send me your address at hola at patijinich.com.