Episode 409: Sami’s Big Day

This show is all about Pati’s middle son, Sami. Being stuck in the middle of first born, Alan, and Mr. Personality himself, Juju, isn’t always easy for Sami. Every once in a while, Pati likes to give Sami a day all to himself, and he’ll help her as she cooks his absolute favorite foods!

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  1. Hi Patti,
    I would like to try to make Molcajetes. Do you have a recipe or a website where I can order a Molcajete dish and the recipe. Love your show… I grew up in San Antonio,Texas and love the food there and your true Mexican food. Can’t wait to get your cookbook.

  2. Hi Pati, I really enjoy your show! Vivo en Querétaro! What was the name of the restaurant in San Miguel with the beautiful molcajete? Thank you!

  3. Pati, thank you so very much for responding. Molcajete–will have to try and check it out. You should open restaurant chains all across the US for those of us who can’t find all the items you talk about, ie. Mexican cheese and cream, Mexican cinnamon, etc. I have Mexican vanilla which was a gift from someone. Please ask you husband to look into a chain of your restaurants. I never miss watching your show and will watch repeats over and over, but I’m still missing eating so many of your wonderful recipes! Thank you so very much!

  4. I missed the name of one of the items while searching the recipes for the homemade cookies and the smashed potatoes. It was from a restaurant with numerous strips of food displayed in a sunburst fashion sort of… What is its name? Pati said once it’s discovered in the states it will go over BIG. The recipe isn’t even listed but it was on episode 409 with the salmon sandwiches also; all were Sami’s favorites. Thank you!

    1. Hola Patrice, It’s a dish called “molcajetes.” Thank you so much for watching. I hope you try the cookies and potatoes!