Episode 413: Backyard Picnic

Pati is throwing a picnic for family and friends in her backyard. She’ll make some of her favorite “picnic foods” and serve everyone outside picnic-style. It also happens to be her husband Dany’s birthday, so a big surprise is in store!

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  1. Hi Pati! Watched your show for the first time today. Saw the backyard picnic and loved the food your made for your family. Can you please post the recipes for the mango puff and the potatoe salad?

  2. I watched your show 413 Backyard picknick. I totally enjoyed your show. I was wanting the recipe for the chicken sandwich and tequila drink recipes including the one the bartender made with guava and the one made w cucumber.

    Thank you Very Much 😀


  3. i am watching this episode right now but missed the recipe for the tequila drink that tasted like ‘candy’….please! where can i get this amazing recipe??!!

    ps- happy birthday Dany!!

  4. In episode 413, you go to taste some cocktails at Casa Dragones, and there was one cocktail in particular that caught my attention. It was the one where he used cucumbers and then added a “secret” ingredient and something else I don’t remember. Any chance you know the recipe? (You have a great show! Keep up the good work!)