Episode 102: Foods of the Revolution

If you’re fighting a war, how do you cook food on the run? What sort of meals can you make around ranches, porches, and rustic bonfires? What might Pancho Villa or Emiliano Zapata have eaten? This episode looks at the culinary legacy of the Mexican Revolution, with recipes that include:

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  1. Pati, I have a Mexican daughter-in-law, who has taught me how to make posole! We love it and everyone cleans up their plates for sure when we make it. Now I am going to surprise her with the Chilorio Burritas!
    I saw your show last night and braising the pork in Orange juice just knocks me out…I can’t wait until she comes again with the family and I have the Chilorio Burritas already for them…and of course I will make the
    anise ropes too as I can make them way ahead of time. They will be my Christmas cookies this year!.
    Good hearty, easy to fix food everyone loves and its not expensive either…that’s doin’ it right!

    1. Thank you for your lovely message, Barbara! I hope your daughter in law and the entire family likes all of these recipes. Thank you for trying them out.

  2. Saw your show for the first time out of Nashville and I am going to make the Cowboy Charro Beans this weekend. You have a great show and it shows that you enjoy what you are doing.

  3. For the first step in the chilorio, about how long do you braise the pork chunks in the liquid–are you talking 20-30 minutes or more like two hours? Can you give an estimate for that step?

  4. Hi Patti,
    I loved this episode! I want to make the charro beans, which looked so gooooood! Any recommendations on where to buy good chorizo in DC? Thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you Vania! Yes, my favorite brand of chorizo is Logan’s Mexican chorizo. Logan’s is a local business in the metro DC area so, you should be able to find it at various stores. Here is their website, and you can contact them to see what store nearest you carries it http://www.logansausage.com/. I definitely know Panam Grocery on 14th has it (that’s where I go for mine 🙂 ).

  5. Watched your show for the first time and LOVED the historical context. What an interesting and different take on the Mexican Revolution! Can’t wait to try the recipes! Bravo!

    1. Thank you so much Josie. I am so passionate about knowing the historical aspect through which many of these meals were created. I think it just adds an incredible amount of flavor to each dish!

  6. Finding your show on PBS has been this summer’s hidden delight.
    I’ve tried two recipes so far and they are delightful. Today, the anise flavored cookies to go into rotation with my Anise biscotti.
    We are fortunate to have several Mexican grocery stores in Knoxville TN and I grow my own tomatillos (which made my discovery of your ‘fast’ mole using tomatillos a delight. (I just happened to have Ceylon Cinnamon in my larder as I really like it in winter in my oatmeal.)
    My poblanos are just coming in now so I am searching your page for rellenos or other poblano dishes.

    1. Ann, I find it truly exciting that you grow your own tomatillos. What a treat! I am so thrilled you have been enjoying the show. I hope you continue to find recipes that you love, and I promise an exciting second season will follow!

    1. Hola Scott, I wish you luck finding a local Mexican grocery store. I hope you find it soon so you can start cooking away!

  7. Made the Chilorio tonight, and it was great! Trying the beans later this week. I love having a guide to real Mexican food. Your cooking/teaching style made it easy for me to find the ingredients and feel confident about being successful. It was actually all food I already had on hand – even the ancho chilies – but I feel like I am seeing everyday food that Mexican families eat – not Americanized versions from fast food chains. It feels like real food that real people cook for dinner.

  8. I love bacon, I love chorizo, never occurred to me to mix them together. Wonderful dish Pati! I love your show too, its become one of my favorite cooking shows.

  9. Finally, traditional mexican recipes. I happen to see your show for the first time today and loved how you showed us how to make the food in a slow enough way that I could actually keep up. I hope you stick to traditional recipes there are so many people who really want to learn how to make it right.