Episode 105: Convent Food

Aren’t convents supposed to be austere, dull places? In Mexico, everything’s a little more colorful–including the food of Catholic nuns. Delicious, labor-intensive mole is probably the most well known food to come out of the convents, but this show will explore some slightly easier, but just as tasty.

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  1. Hello Pati –
    My wife and I enjoyed your TV presentation of convent foods. Your recipes bring back memories of my early childhood in central Mexico. My parents originated in New England but readily adapted to the people, culture of Mexico and gained life-long friends there. The local housewives and some street vendors were intrigued with my mother and taught her all the basics of good Mexican cooking. Needless to say, when we later returned to the US the family did not have to go far to enjoy great Mexican food.
    It is obvious that you are blessed, so, please don’t stop being who you are (including your beautiful accent) and what you do. I’m sure that the spirit of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz is pleased with you sharing her memory with your audience and that certain blessings will continue to come your way.

  2. I just watched your show for the first time and can’t wait to make the foods you shared with us – it all looks so delicious. Please keep the recipes coming!

  3. Pati…Yesterday was the first time I had seen your television show. I love the way you present your recipes, both in your commentary (you don’t rush through it and I appreciate the mini-re-run of how the recipes’ ingredients and prep are done) and the recipes are ‘do-able’ in a typical kitchen with typical tools and the time involved. Thank you! Now I am going to try downloading your Convent Food Episode recipes! I have ‘dial-up’ computer, so I need text, not videos! -Happy Fourth of July Weekend. Halcyon Kramer pax0002@aol.com

  4. Would you please publish the name of the famous sister you mentioned on this program who was a scholar and poet? The last name was de le Cruz I believe but I cannot find her in searches for historical data.

    1. Hola LK!
      The sister I mentioned in the Convent Food Episode is Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz. Thanks for watching!