Food52: Pati Jinich on Salsa vs. Guacamole


Food52: Pati Jinich on Salsa vs. Guacamole

“Pati Jinich loves Mexican cooking (and food, and culture) so much that it sort of explodes out of her, and your only option is to absorb what she has to teach you and share in the joy. As this week’s guest editor, Pati has been sharing recipes from her new book that translate authentic Mexican flavors into dishes that are accessible — and useful — to any home cook. And she delivers everything with zeal and humor — just look at the way she avoids choosing between salsa and guacamole…”

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  1. Love your show.. Love your food
    And you are so Very fun to listen to… especially when you have your sister and or kids on with you… What a joy.
    Hoping to get started buying your cookbooks soon. Thanks for the joy you bring to your “fans”😁