Hola Cultura: El Arte de la Cocina


Hola Cultura: El Arte de la Cocina

“El Arte de la Cocina” is a short documentary by Alberto Roblest, creator of Hola Cultura, based on conversations with Washington, D.C.’s, top Latin chefs about the many ways culinary traditions connect Latinos with themselves, their families, their communities, and their past, present and future. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to be a part of this project along with Chef Nelson Larios of Lauriol Plaza, Chef Javier Romero of Taberna del Alabardero, Chef Ramon Martinez of Jaleo, Chef Ismar Reyes-Cruz of El Nopalito, Chef Beatriz Zuluaga of CentroNí­a, and Chef Tito Vargas of Oyamel. I talk about how the kitchen brings us Latinos together with our culture, heritage and traditions. 
Watch the video…

El Arte de la Cocina-Kitchen Arts from Hola Cultura on Vimeo.

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  1. Dear Pati,
    I so enjoy your show on PBS. I am from Austin, TX and moved to Boise, Idaho 5 years ago to be near my son and his young family. My daughter-in-law is also from Texas. The Mexican food here is not so good and luckily she and I both cook Mexican food. This year we are starting an Xmas family tradition for the season to prepare home cooked Mexican meals. I want to thank you for your recipe for Chocolate Pecan pie. It will surely become a family favorite. I found some of your ingredients at a little Mexican market here, Campos Mkt.
    A special request, can you have a show about different kinds of peppers, their flavors and best uses as well as the same for spices? Thank you for your wonderful show!
    Thank you!