Lomitos de Valladolid

Tomato and Onion Pork Loins

Lomitos de Valladolid
5 to 6 servings
Pati Jinich
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Mexican
Keyword: Avocado, black beans, corn tortillas, onion, pati's mexican table, pork, Tomatoes
Author:Pati Jinich
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Tomato and Onion Pork Loins recipe from Pati's Mexican Table Season 5, Episode 8  “Valladolid: A Day to Explore”


  • 3 tablespoons lard or vegetable oil
  • 2 pounds pork tenderloin, cut into 1/2" chunks, remaining fat left on
  • 1 teaspoon kosher or coarse sea salt, or more to taste
  • 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 cup white onion, chopped
  • 2 1/2 pounds very ripe tomatoes, cored and diced, don't discard juices or seeds

To Serve:

To Prepare

  • Heat the lard or vegetable oil in a large casserole set over medium-high heat. Add the pork pieces, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and let the meat cook for a minute or two. Add the onion, stir and let cook for a minute or two. Incorporate the diced tomatoes, mix well, cover and reduce heat to medium low.
  • Cook, stirring occasionally, until the meat is completely cooked through and the tomatoes have cooked down into a mushy paste, about an hour to an hour and 10 minutes. Remove the lid, taste for salt and add more if need be, stir, and continue cooking until there is almost no moisture in the casserole.
  • To serve, place two toasted corn tortillas on a plate, spoon refried black beans on top and ladle the meat on top of the beans. Place a couple avocado slices on the side.

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  1. I absolutely love this recipe! We’ve been coming back to it for years!! ❤ Love you too Pati! You’re the greatest.

  2. Hi Pati! My husband was wanting some real Mexican cooking so I looked around YouTube and found your channel. So many recipes I want to try, but this one was my first one… and it turned out soooo delicious! I made pretty much everything from scratch — I rendered the lard, made the corn tortillas (your recipe too), and then this. I’ve been doing a lot of Pan-asian cooking lately, and now starting to get into Mexican cooking as well. Looking forward to trying out more of your recipes. Thank you!

    1. So glad you found me Jay, thanks for giving a chance to my recipes! You might enjoy the show as well, look for it on your local PBS, Create TV or Amazon Prime. Have fun!

  3. So happy I found this! It’s our sixth anniversary and of course we are at home because of Corona virus. I thought this would be perfect to recreate our time in Valladolid. I’m really obsessed with Valladolid after spending only a few days there.

      1. Oh! And I’d like to add: I did find at least with my stove and heavy cast iron pot, the lomitos was still wet at an hour. I’m using an electric stove as well. Next time, I’ll try cooking this with the lid slightly cracked open. It still came out good though when I cooked it this time — I just cracked the lid and turned up the heat to medium-high for another 15 minutes, and then I got the slightly pasty consistency.

  4. Just watched this episode yesterday (on TLN in Canada which is one of the added channels we are getting free during the pandemic, had never heard of your show before this actually, so it’s been a nice little discovery) and my mouth was watering, can’t wait to make this next! I love how simple the recipe is like you mention but that it has such a nice flavour. You are such a joy to watch. Thank you!

    1. Thanks so much for your message Melody, glad to read you found the Show 😉 You are going to love these Lomitos, let me know how they come out.

  5. Hi Pati, I’m Fadhil and I’m from Indonesia😃 I’m an avid watcher of your show and I’m trying to make one of your dish but I don’t eat pork so can I use a beef instead of pork? Thankyou😁 (In Indonesia, we say “Terima Kasih” as an expression of thankful)

    1. Hello Fadhil, thanks so much for following all the way from Indonesia. Please go ahead and use beef instead of pork, let me know how this recipe turns out that way 😉

  6. Hi Pati, the Lomitos de Valladolid recipe looks great but I am surprised that it does not include some herbs or spices. Is that unusual or not? Nevertheless I am looking forward to trying this and more of your tempting creations.mBTW, your show is screening on one of our Lifestyle channels.

    1. I know, right! One of the things I love about Lomitos is how easy they are to prepare, and that all the flavor comes basically from the lard, tomatoes and low heat cooking for over an hour 😉

  7. As I was getting ready to go to the market yesterday, i was watching this episode! Guess what I’m doing right now! 😁

  8. I did something wrong 😐
    Way too much liquid.
    Tomatoes were very juicy.
    Not sure if I should cook uncovered or drain some of the juice?
    It looks like a stew.

    1. Oh…it sounds like it needs to be cooked a bit longer. The tomato sauce should end up chunky and pasty, not wet.

      1. Thank you for responding. I’ve made this twice once with tomatoes on vine and then with Roma. Neither made a difference they both generated several cups of juice I had to drain. It was delicious however both times and I’m at the store now preparing to make it again tomorrow.
        Any ideas why I’m getting so much liquid is appreciated but no worries if not my family loves this recipe.

  9. I’m making this right now. I am reading all the positive comments and see that some are cooking over two hours. I’m almost at 2 hours. I’m wondering if the meat will dry out since it taste like it’s ready. Thank u Pati!

    1. Hmm every stove is different, but you know it is ready when the meat is completely cooked through and the tomatoes have cooked down into a mushy paste. Enjoy, Irma!

  10. Just saw this episode, I’m excited to make this today for my Texan husband who misses the variety of Mexican food in his home state (we live in Seattle now)! Is there a way to make a spicy version? He loves heat. Or should we just get a hot salsa for garnish?

  11. I love your show by the way, I get so hungry when I see you make this great food!! I don’t eat pork, can you use chicken in place of pork, will that be good do you think?

  12. So,its March 20th, 2019 and i just watched this episode and can’t wait to buy these ingredients and cook this. It looks so good, so simple too. Thank you.

  13. I just watched this episode and am looking for the recipes for your black beans. I often visit a Mexican restaurant in my area and they serve a black bean dip with tortilla chips. I’ve been looking for a recipe and your beans looks so good! Thanks

  14. Oh. My. Goodness. How could 3 ingredients make such a fantastic dish?! I made this and served it exactly the way the recipe was written. It was so good!! The next time, I made it and served it as you would street tacos, with diced white onion, cilantro, and lime juice in warm corn tortillas. Wow!!! My family liked it served that way even more!! I’ve made it once a week since then! It’s so easy and simple, but SO delicious!!! Thank you for this now staple dish in my kitchen! I love to watch your show!

  15. I know this was a Season 5 episode but it just aired again in our market and we can’t wait to try it. We love Valladolid and this will seem like a mini visit.

  16. Hola Pati. Tried receipe Yumm. I used black beans. Where would I find the peruvian black beans. I go to my fav Mexican market. Gracias. My family is enjoying my cooking.

    1. Try your local Mexican or International super market, or online for Peruvian black beans. So glad your family is enjoying your cooking 🙂

  17. Hello Pati, I saw you make this and i had to make it. But before I do I need to know what kind of black beans I need to make refried. Are they plain cooked black beans or what? You referred to an area because of their flavors. I make cuban black beans with lots of garlic, onion, green pepper, oregano, and olive oil would this work or make the black beans you were refering to? And if so where do I find the recipe? Thank you so much for your help.

  18. It needed more seasoning for us. I think a jalapeño would help. I was surprised because Patty usually likes cosas muy picantes. Took 2.5 hours to cook down.

  19. Hi Pati, this is my first time making this recipe. Would you be able to tell me what tomatoes are best for making it? I used Carmelos and I did not get a nice thick paste. Also, I tried looking for an online video on this recipe and I was not able to find it, not even in you tube. I hope it turns out well!!!

  20. Usually when I try a new recipe and remake it, it never tastes the same. I have made this dish at least 5 times and it is just as good as the first time. And the husband asks for it all the time! So good!!

  21. What a terrific and delicious dish! Simple and easy but such a great dish. Love to watch you cook and to see your boys eat. haha

  22. My son made this for my husband and me our last visit. He said it was now their go to comfort food. And we love it, too. He used the black bean refried beans.
    Thanks. We will be cooking this often also. Love you show

  23. Me and my husband are both cooks and we love your show is there something you can make that isn’t expensive and easy to make at home I would love a recipe thank you so very much your show is awesome

  24. I made this dish tonight with homemade refried beans. I even made my own corn tortillas! Muy delicioso! I am Mexican born and raised in Oklahoma. My spouse is white and he loves Mexican food. I love your show Pati!! So many recipes. My son and I made tamales! He makes them better than me!

  25. So simple and very good! With so few ingredients I was skeptical about this recipe. Glad I tried it. It’s simple, fresh and very tasty!

  26. Wow! Made this yesterday after watching PMT the day before. I love this. So easy. I made a larger batch which took about 3 hours to get the reduction with three pounds of pork and 4.5 pounds of tomato. I shredded the pork during cooking plus added substantial garlic powder and a couple tablespoons of sugar. Served with chopped serrano, cilantro and Herdez Guajillo cooking sauce on the side (a favorite of mine) as condiments. Fantastic! Thank you. Love your show; it’s set to record on DVR.

  27. I did the same thing as Gina-thought there was charred garlic in this (was it the soup?).

    Mine took a while to cook. It may be that I used too many tomatoes. My solution was to put it into the oven at 325 until juices were more stewish. After that, it was just perfect-everyone loved it! We will be making this again!

  28. I am making this for Sunday dinner and it smells awesome. Seems so simple to just add salt and pepper. Cannot wait to eat this.

  29. Hi Patti,
    My wife and I have traveled to the Yucatan many times. We cooked your take Valladolid’s Lomitos . We followed your instructions Exactly (took a lot of patience waiting…then waiting some more…) they were AMAZING. The Long wait is sooo worth it. Simple to make. Thanks so much!
    Have you ever travelled to Puerto Morelos? Perhaps a show featuring this small but beautiful town would be an idea?

  30. It’s cooking right now! We had other meal plans for Sunday until we saw this on TV. Made the refried black beans as well. Yummo. Neighbors are coming over and we’re all excited. Our Habanero salsa is assuredly not as hot though. Thanks for your show we love it!

  31. Hi Pati – I love your show. You are charming. I thought this recipe had five roasted garlic gloves, skin and all in it too, Did I mix up the recipes from last nights show?

  32. I love this show, Paty and the staff of Paty mexican table ,they really make on of my favorite, the culture and the cuisine from Mexico is just wonderful! Please make more shows, this recipe for sure I will make it! Look do delicious

  33. Hi Pati,
    We tried your pork recipe and made some great tacos the other night! Now that we have a little left over, what type of dish would you recommend with the leftover meat? I was thinking some kind of taco soup, mexican rice dish or pasta. Do you have a go-to dish that you could recommend?

    Thank you!

    1. We rarely have leftovers in my house between three boys….but you can make rice and beans with pork or more tacos or enchiladas.

  34. Hola Pati, gracias por esta receta, la vi en tu programa el otro día. Me ha quedado buenísimo, Gemma una española desde Seattle, abrazos.

  35. Que sabroso!!!! Pati, mi familia le encanta esta receta! Es lo mas facil y delicioso!!! Lo hice con arroz blanco! GRACIAS!

  36. Que sabroso!!!! Pati, mi familia le encanta esta receta! Es lo mas facil y delicioso!!! Lo hice con arroz blanco! GRACIAS!

  37. Your recipe says to core and dice the tomatoes, but not to discard the juices or seeds. Do the seeds and juices still go into the pot with everything?

    1. Yes, with everything… just made this last Wednesday. Boys love it. Make sure you cook it all the way until the end. The tomato sauce should en up chunky and pasty, not wet.

  38. Oh my! This dish has been cooking away on my stove for an hour. I tasted it for seasoning and it is DELICIOUS! I can’t wait for my husband to eat dinner. He’s going to be blown away! Thank you Pati for a other perfect recipe. “Juju’s birthday cake” will be the perfect dessert! Yum