Mexico Beyond Borders


Mexico Beyond Borders

3 DECEMBER 2020 | 6:45 PM
Mexican Cultural Institute, Washington, DC

Mexico has phenomenal food, everyone knows that! But as it is increasingly evident, the evolution of Mexican food north of the border has also become exemplary. Pati will demonstrate some of her most delicious finds across the United States in her quest to explore our shared history and identity through Mexican food.

More information on the Mexican Cultural Institute’s website

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  1. You are fabulous Pati, I am so happy you have a show and have become so successful!
    Sometime ago I sent you a request for your version of a dish my grandmother, Edna, liked and somehow talked little me (7) to try. I didn’t like it that much but whenever my family visited her we had that dish served to us and I liked the flavor more with each visit. She called it Calavacita. I believe it was made with several different peppers and yellow squash but I’ve
    never been able to make it to taste the way I remember it tasting. I asked you if you had a recipe for the dish. You did kindly answer me that it wasn’t a dish you were were familiar with.
    Have you in the few years since I wrote you, had it on your travels in Mexico ? I guess it could have been a family recipe which was popular in her home’s area: Nuevo Laredo, Mexico & Laredo,Texas. It is good the way I make it but Grandmom’s was much better!
    I can’t understand why my mom never got the recipe. I hope you don’t mind that I’m
    Asking you again.
    I intend to order one or both of your cookbooks…… I really like your show.
    Thank you again and stay safe!
    Judith Rodriguez Volloy

    1. Hi Judith, thanks for your message! I still don’t know very well which dish your grandma prepared 🙁 I know about one that is done with Zucchini and pork in a tomato based sauce that once I try in Mexico, but I also do not have a recipe for it at this time.
      I hope you order the cookbook, you will have lots of fun cooking out of it! Stay safe as well!