Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“[Pati describes], ‘In the first book, of course I love every single recipe and worked hard for the content, but I felt like I had my hands tied. I tied my hands. I didn’t want to upset Mexicans here or in Mexico that I wasn’t doing things the proper way. In Mexico people are doing things in new ways, wild things, but here they hold you to a different rating system. How Mexican are you? So I didn’t want to veer from doing certain things. At the same time, I didn’t want to upset or scare away the mainstream public and Americans who think that Mexican is not too healthy or laborious. I was walking this line. I don’t want to upset Mexicans; I don’t want to upset Americans. I was intimidated by my own pressures. Three years and a lot of experience later, I have become so much more confident in the kitchen. I feel liberated in the concept and recipes…”

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