NPR: The Salt


NPR: The Salt

“For an ‘authentic’ Cinco de Mayo meal, why not cook up crepes?

¿Que qué?! You ask. Hear me out.

Crepes are a hallmark of French cuisine. And in the 1860s, French forces invaded Mexico. They came, they conquered, they cooked — then they got kicked out. Today’s Cinco de Mayo holiday commemorates the day in 1862 when a badly outnumbered Mexican army pulled off a minor but symbolically important victory over French forces in the Battle of Puebla. However, it would take another five years before the French left Mexico for good. And during their stay, the French left their mark on the country’s cuisine, including beloved crepas, which Mexican chef Pati Jinich likens to a cousin of the enchilada.

Crepes in more savory incarnations (think crepe enchiladas with Swiss chard and potatoes) are among the recipes featured in Jinich’s new cookbook. Mexican Today explores not just traditional fare, but the country’s evolving cuisine and the many immigrant groups who have influenced it.”

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