Publishers Weekly: Pati’s Mexican Table, The Secrets of Real Mexican Home Cooking


Publishers Weekly: Pati’s Mexican Table, The Secrets of Real Mexican Home Cooking

“‘Mexican home cooking is beautiful in its simplicity, tremendously convenient, and wholesome,’ [Pati Jinich] says. Jinich accomplishes her goal and does an excellent job of inspiring home cooks to make dishes from her native country in her first cookbook. Alongside her recipes, which she says ‘have come to my table from many paths,’ she shares Mexican cook’s tricks–lessons passed down from generation to generation in her family: for example, how to control chile heat. The book is filled with bright, fresh flavors and dishes that are wonderful in their simplicity…”

To read the entire review from Publishers Weekly, click here.

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  1. Hello Patie I enjoy watching your program, the reason I am sending you this email I would like to know the name of the carmel you use on your creaps. I would like to try it. I just moved from Illinois to New Mexico. thank you for your help

    1. Oh! Terry, that is Cajeta, is the Mexican version of Dulce de Leche. You can use either of those. Look in your Latino store or international store or the Latin or international aisle of your regular grocery store. Last resort: order online!

  2. pati, soy fanatica de tu programa, me perdi de la receta de los Garibaldis, habra alguna manera de conseguirla?….te agradezco mil!!!!!!!

  3. I’ve been watching your show and love it! Not long ago I saw an episode where you prepared carnitas using pork tenderloin. I’ve always loved this dish, but most of the recipes I’ve found take a very long time to prepare. I’d love to have your recipe for this dish.



  4. Hi Pati,

    I just watched your show for the first time. I love it! I made the mexican rice and the tomatillo chicken , what a hit.
    I thougt you made a dish using leeks but cannot find it . Could you help? It was on pbs in GA Feb2.
    You talk as if I’m in the kitchen with you.

    Thank you for all of your efforts,

  5. You made a recipe for a compote/salsa/side (you said goes with everything and you usually always have on hand) summer 2012, requiring 16 oz jarred hot peppers, which I purchased and now cannot find the recipe! I would really like this recipe to try – HELP!

    Thank You!


  6. I have look all over your site for==Chard Beans Buritos which i seen on PBS. Houston,Tx. 1/19/2013
    Went on your site web to get copy of this,Could not even find this at all. Thanks But No Thanks. Jo.