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“After an initial chat with the perky host of Pati’s Mexican Table, we’d decided that Pati Jinich was just too nice to make us feel bad for asking a question that could seem rather silly to a Mexican mother of three who has a family taco at least once a week.

‘Is it possible to eat a taco neatly, or should people just give in and enjoy the mess?’

‘My husband is the most neat eater in the world… and even he knows to enjoy a bit of the mess. If you want the least mess possible, you have to remember this: once the taco is assembled, tilt your head to eat it, don’t tilt the taco!’ Pati explains.

Pati Jinich is a surprise. In a time when popular food shows often involve cut-throat competition, she’s become a success through being nice. Yep, just straightforward nice. Perky. Happy. But those who might be tempted to think that sounds boring – or that she’s just a woman with a wonderful smile and a charming accent who’s good at projecting a passion for food – would be wrong. Pati, who was born and raised in Mexico before moving to the United States with her husband, was once a political analyst, and has a master’s degree in Latin American Studies.”

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