Star News Online: Chef Pati Jinich


Star News Online: Chef Pati Jinich

“Tossing a healthy dose of bright, sliced radishes atop a pair of fiery red enchiladas, the crispy jacketed Pati Jinich sounds genuinely baffled when she throws her hands in the air after observing her handiwork.
‘How can anyone say Mexican food isn’t healthy?’ she asks.
Jinich, who has tasked herself with spreading the gospel of her homeland’s soulful and nutritious cuisine, has found an open pulpit at Washington, D.C.’s Mexican Cultural Institute, an educational outreach arm of the Mexican Embassy. She launched a series of classes there five years ago that have since evolved into the PBS show ‘Pati’s Mexican Table.'”
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  1. Pati, sus recetas son impresionantes al verlas en la TV. Tiene alguna receta para hornear carne? Soy Salvadorena viviendo en Fl y recuerdo que mi mama marina la carne por la noche con ingredientes(????) y luego al dia siguiente la hornea y queda sabrosa. Ojala que pueda pasarme recetas tanto de pollo como carne al horno. Mil gracias.Marta.

  2. Hey Hi There Pati!
    Love your recipes and your style, I bought an Egg Plant yesterday because you did a brief note on one of your shows about Egg Plant and was it Tomatilla’s? You said they go hand in hand and compliment each other “believe me” you said.
    Hope you remember that episode.

    1. Hola Mark, Thank you for your question! I do not recall discussing or using eggplant in the show. Maybe it was another vegetable. Do you remember more about the recipe or episode you are referring to so I can give you the correct information?

    1. Hola Elena, My cookbook is not available but will be early Spring 2013. I will let you know the release date as soon as I find out from my publisher! 🙂