Tablet: Mexican Chef Pati Jinich Does Shabbat


Tablet: Mexican Chef Pati Jinich Does Shabbat

“Pati Jinich knows what it’s like to be a new immigrant in the United States. She came to this country on a visa when she was 24 years old and newly married. Homesick and unable to return to Mexico until her immigration papers were finalized she brought comfort to Texas by cooking the chicken soup of her youth for herself and her husband. The scent gave her rented duplex in Dallas a connection to home.”

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  1. I love Pati’s cooking
    But I can’t handle chili’s
    What is options for non chili eaters
    and still have layers of flavor

  2. Pati, is totally a friendly family
    chef and wonderful person be it
    on t.v. social media and her delicious
    recipes she creates, or invents look
    tasty I am interested in her wisdom
    while she performs her magic with
    Mexican or internal foods. Blessing
    on our behalf and victorious in all she
    does for all families,folks. ♡☆☆☆☆☆