Tacos HOLA “El Güero”


Tacos HOLA “El Güero”

By Eduardo | @cazadordelomejor

Large clay casseroles filled with some of the tastiest guisados in Mexico City crowd this tiny taco shop on one of Colonia Condesa’s major avenues, Amsterdam. Small and narrow, with only a refrigerator to grab a cold drink and a small table outside, Tacos HOLA is the most popular taco shop in the area.

Since 1968, Tacos HOLA has been making traditional guisados, which are delicious stews that can be made with different types of meat, fresh vegetables, grains or any combination of the three with one or another kind of salsa. Strangely, at the beginning, their specialty, and the only guisado they served, was higaditos encebollados – chicken liver and onion stew. Today, their menu consists of 15 different guisados, ranging from chorizo and potato to chicken tinga, all prepared by the third generation of the family.

Condesa locals that work close by make up most of the clientele. Everyone who goes, knows that they’ll soon be eating a really delicious taco, really fast, for only 18 pesos apiece.

The tacos here are big, heavy, and you’ll most likely be eating them while standing up. Before you order, make your way to the front, where all the guisados are stacked up, and watch as the hungry locals walk in and out with different tacos in their hands. It’ll be hard to make up your mind.

service at Tacos HOLA in Mexico City

While ordering, you’ll have the option to choose any guisado on one tortilla or a double tortilla. I normally pick two, as it helps hold the heaping guisado. Finish by adding the creamiest guacamole, fresh cheese, beans and green or red salsa. The guacamole is unreal and necessary.

My ultimate taco combination is two warm tortillas with chicken and green mole, rice, beans, creamy guacamole, cheese and red salsa. You will find me there twice a week. It’s impossible to drive by and not stop for the best taco de guisado. Oh and by the way, they still have higaditos encebollados on the menu, in case you are up for their classic.

Eduardo's favorite taco at Tacos HOLA

Tacos HOLA, Amsterdam #135, Colonia Hipódromo Condesa, Ciudad de México

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  1. Pati, just recently watched your pbs show and I’m definitely a fan. I love Mexican food and have learned so much from seeing you cook. Keep up the good work!!

  2. I have loved Tacos Hola in Condesa! I have really enjoyed how you share your personal experience living in Mexico and your love of the food.

  3. Luv this wedsite! Great information! Never too late to learn New or Differnt ways of our
    Cooking our best Mexican Foods….
    Thank u….

  4. Pati, thank you not only for the mouth watering photos and yummy recipes, but for your delightful travelogues that show the beauty and history of Mexico to those of us who have yet to visit. The colors! The markets! And most of all, the people! Where to go first?

    1. Thank you Jane! You can’t go wrong…but I typically recommend starting with either the Yucatan or San Miguel de Allende. Have a fantastic first trip to Mexico!

  5. Pati, have you ever posted a recipe for pork stew? I’ve tried several I found online and found them lacking. I admit, my frame of reference is Pepe’s, but they make the most delicious pork guisado, especially the whole jalapeno cooked with it and included in every bowl. Yum. I ❤ your show.


    1. I wish! I’m not that familiar with the food scene in Vegas, but when you find a Mexican restaurant you like there please let me know!

  6. I live in South Texas and can get most of this stuff but your pictures are very good. I travel to the border town of Progresso about every couple of months to purchase the nice pottery and enjoy the great tacos from the street vendors. I really enjoy your recipes and your programs when I can catch them on the PBS station.

  7. Pati upon moving to L.A. 7 years ago, I assumed real Mexican food was at La Parrillada…I was soooo wrong lol smh. Your food I have been watching & taking tips from for awhile now. You are the Goddess of “true” Mexican cuisine. A lot of what I’ve had here in L.A. is a discombobulated mess that lacks in flavor. I’m Puerto-Rican & have put my boricua spin on some of your recipes. Let me know if you’d like me to share or for you to feature on one of your episodes. Te veo y adios.

  8. Thank you for the recipes. I love to watch your TV show whenever it airs here in Fresno, California.
    I have your Cookbook “Pati’s Mexican Table”. I’ve cook and baked almost all of the recipes in this book; including some from your TV shows. They’re delicious. My husband also thanks you.

    1. Wow! That’s awesome that you have made so many of the recipes from my first book! I hope you and your husband continue to enjoy them!

  9. Pati; have you ever had salvadorean tamales? I make them each year during the holiday season, enough for my fellow staff at the psychiatric hospital I work at. Happy holidays to you and your family.

  10. Omgness , your making me so hungry for true Mexican food , where I live all we have is Taco Bell or Del Taco and I can’t stand either place , lol.