ABC The Chew: Pati Jinich Heats Up the Kitchen


ABC The Chew: Pati Jinich Heats Up the Kitchen

On my recent trip to Mexico, I visited the carnitas capital of the world – Quiroga, Michoacán! So, of course, this time on ABC’s The Chew, I had to share my perfected recipe for carnitas. I made Carnitas Tacos with Daphne Oz, and we mixed up some Salsa Verde Cruda to top them.

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  1. watching for the 1st time & just caught the end of something that you were just finishing & took a bite out of. you said it was simple to make & will keep in the frig forever. it looked like a mason jar with some kind of peppers in it. do you know what was in it?

  2. Hi Pati just to let you know this is my third time making this recipe since i saw it on your show and my family loves it! I use boneless lean pork to make it a bit healthier and it it comes out amazing!
    So thank you!!! Again!!

  3. Love this recipe, made it a few times in the past and was a big hit. So I decided that I will be making this form Christmas dinner!

  4. Love your recipes Pati. Sure wish my public television aired your show more. Enjoyed seeing you on the Chew. Keep the recipes coming–you’re great!!!! Thank you!