The Magic of Oaxaca


The Magic of Oaxaca

19 OCTOBER 2017 | 6:45 PM
Mexican Cultural Institute, Washington, DC

Cooking Demo and Tasting Dinner
Chef Pati will demo and serve a menu based on the state of Oaxaca. Taking a culinary tour of the state, you will re visit and taste the dishes and flavors from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, the city of Oaxaca and the Coast. She will also describe the ingredients, techniques and traditions that make this state one of main cradles of Mexican cuisine.

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  1. Beautiful episode. Made me want to travel to Oaxaca and eat Mexican food. As a Spanish teacher would like to share this with my students. Gracias.

  2. Amo cocinar, me encanta tu programa, y sobre todo tus explicaciones, no me pierdo tus programas de cocina. Hace días hice el pastel de Yucatán, pero en lugar de mango, utilice fruta de la pasión, fue una delicia, además he hecho tamales de chaya, y cochinera público y un sinfín de tus recetas. Gracias por tus recetas.