The Splendid Table: Mexican-American Food

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  1. What was the breakfast you made with your Poppy on the show where he surprised you with the Mariachi Band in his Restaurant?
    I saw onions, peppers and tomatoes. Then people eating something on bread. What was it called and please tell me where could I find the recipe?

  2. Where can I find all the recipes for 4.7.14 everything looed so good and I would like to try and make it for my family 😀 thank you

  3. I agree with the comment above and the cornbread recipe looks amazing i feel proud of having too see you cook texican food and im not even Mexican arriba buen trabajo

  4. Hello,
    the way you cook and explain is so sincere and true. I like
    the foods you made today (4/7/14) rice and big shrimps, and also the beef stew.I did not see in your show the kind of show offs we usually see in some channels.Thank You