The Georgetowner: Mexico Salutes “Pati’s Mexican Table”


The Georgetowner: Mexico Salutes “Pati’s Mexican Table”

“On Mar. 30, Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan proudly introduced Mexico’s newest culinary star Patricia Jinich as the ‘culinary ambassador to the United States’ at a cocktail reception at the Mexican Cultural Center prior to the launch of ‘Pati’s Mexican Table’ which aired on WETA TV 26 on Apr. 2…”

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  1. Hi Pati, Can you give us the name of the Genre that was used for the production mix or perhaps one of the artists this way if we Pandora either that style of music will play for us. Thanks.

  2. Hi. I find your story and your show very interesting. On a recent episode where we viewed a chef located in a modern market where Patti got her recipe for a different type of mole, the music played during that piece was exciting. Will you please tell me the name of the song and the artist. Keep up the good work. Good luck. Dan Mullen, Philadelphia, PA

  3. Pati I have learned so much from you. I am a Texan with a Mestizo flair. As I was not raised around my Latin culture. I knew little or nothing about Mexican cooking other than Crispy Tacos. Because of you this last year I’ve done more cooking more than ever. My grandchildren are so happy about this. So is my husband. I try to expose them to our culture and rich heritage through food.Thank you for being part de mi familia. You have truly inspired me. Warm regards, Mary

  4. Thanks so much for all the great info in your shows. My family’s favorites so far have been your Carnitas, and the Michoacan Gazpacho, by far the best fruit salad ever.

    Quick story: I kept listening to your theme song thinking it was saying “Lame tu piloncillo, lame tu chocolate”, etc. When I checked a translation website, it told me that meant “Lick your sugar, lick your chocolate…”, which seemed quite appropriate, but a little creepy when it got to “lick your heart”. Didn’t realize until I read your responses above that it is actually “DAME”, not “lame”. A bit more sensible, but also a bit less poetic!

    If you’re ever looking for show suggestions, I have just one: more tamales!

      1. No, I haven’t seen it yet, and those Uchepos look intriguing. I don’t think my local station has run that season yet — I would have remembered that Marbled Tres Leches. I’ll be looking forward to all those episodes, and muchas gracias, Pati!

  5. Hi Pati, I LOVE your show! And the music during your cooking sessions is amazing – would it be possible to list the names of the various songs played during the episodes – much appreciated and keep cooking those amazing dishes! Buen Provecho – JB.

    1. Hola JB, Thank you for watching! The theme song is “Dame” by Domingo Siete. The other music is a production mix…

  6. Pati,

    I came across your show on Create TV and I’ve learned so much from watching you. I also wanted to say that I think you have such a great positive attitude and I love your personality. You make a great teacher.

    Thank you for doing what you do so well.

  7. Pati! I just saw the episode with you and your sister! What a WONDERFUL show! You make a great team! It was so much fun to watch you work together and share family recipes and memories! Thank you!

  8. Hola! I have been watching your show for a couple of weeks now. It is WONDERFUL!!! Thank you so much! My family is studying Spanish and now we have some wonderful dishes to add to our learning!

  9. Hi Patti,
    I just wanted to thank you for such a great show. My wife and I watch it whenever we can and use all your great home cooked Mexican food (which we love dearly) as inspiration for our own Mexican and Mexican inspired dishes.

    Feliz concinar. (<–I hope that's correct)

    Muchas Gracias,
    Odie and Suzanne

  10. Hi,

    Love your theme song also but it’s Salsa music and Salsa music is not even Mexican music. How about a cumbia, nortenia, or durengense.

  11. I moved to El Paso years ago and love Mexican food so much! Being Jewish too, I loved your show about middle eastern influences the most. Thank you fir this wondrous show!

  12. What is the theme song to your show? I love your show and the music, but I can’t understand the words. I am new to the study of Spanish language and culture, and I love it, but it is hard to understand the language sometimes.