Tiger Pound Cake

Tiger Pound Cake

Panque de Tigre – Naranja y Chocolate
10 Servings
Pati Jinich
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Mexican
Keyword: cake, Chocolate, orange, pati's mexican table
Author:Pati Jinich
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Tiger Pound Cake recipe from Pati’s Mexican Table Season 6, Episode 10 "How I Got to Now"


  • 2 cups unsalted butter, plus more to grease a 10 x 3.5 inch bundt pan
  • 2 1/2 cups granulated sugar
  • 3 cups all-purpose flour, plus more to dust the bundt pan
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • Pinch kosher or coarse sea salt
  • 8 large eggs
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • 1/2 cup boiling water
  • 1/2 cup cocoa powder
  • 2 tablespoons grated orange zest
  • 1 teaspoon almond extract
  • 1/2 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
  • Confectioners' sugar for dusting

To Prepare

  • Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Butter a bundt pan and coat with flour, dusting off any excess flour.
  • In a stand mixer, beat the butter using the paddle attachment on medium-high speed until soft and creamy, anywhere from 2 to 3 minutes. Add the sugar and continue beating until fluffy and puffy.
  • Combine the flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt in a bowl. In another bowl, mix the eggs with vanilla and sour cream.
  • Reduce the mixer speed to low, and take turns adding flour mixture and egg mixture. Continue beating until thoroughly combined, scraping down the sides with a rubber spatula if need be. Transfer 1/3 the dough to another bowl, leaving the remaining 2/3 of the dough in the mixer.
  • In a small bowl, thoroughly combine the hot water and cocoa. With a rubber spatula, fold the cocoa mixture into the 1/3 of the batter set aside in an extra bowl until thoroughly mixed. Set aside.
  • To the batter left in the mixer, add the orange zest, almond extract and orange juice, and beat until completely mixed.
  • With two ice cream scoops or measuring cups, alternate dropping the chocolate batter and the orange-almond batter into the bundt pan. When all the batter is in the pan, run a butter knife or a skewer through it to create the marbled look.
  • Bake the cake for 50 to 60 minutes, until springy to the touch, lightly browned and a toothpick inserted comes out moist, but not wet. Remove the cake from the oven and let cool.
  • Once cool, run a butter knife around the cake and invert onto a platter. Sprinkle with confectioners’ sugar and serve.

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  1. My husband and I watch Pati’s show often and this recipe looked so delicious! I tried it out for 4th of July weekend and it came out great. It was a big hit with our family! Thanks!!!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Kathleen! Glad you all liked this cake, I hope you had a great 4th of July 😉

  2. Just checking the recipe and I realized that there is not orange in the ingredients list. But in the preparation part it asks for orange zest. In this case is something little.
    Maybe it will good to make the correction. It is frustrating when you star a recipe and the it comes out wrong because the recipe is incomplete.
    Let’s see how it taste when I bake that looking good cake.

    1. Oh there is both orange zest and orange juice listed in the ingredients. And you incorporate them once the batter has been mixed. I hope you enjoy the cake, Maria.

  3. This was sooo good. Lasted for days. Moist. Added orange food coloring which turned the outside more orange-y, but strangely, not the inside. I greased and sugared the bundt pan. Took about 20 minutes longer than Pati’s timing.

  4. dear lord, this cake is wonderful! I dont consider myself a baker, but needed a new project. With a nice bottle of red wine, I took my time and followed the recipe exactly. It came out exactly like pati’s. After I saw it on the show I knew I was going to make it, glad I did. Thanks Pati!…male, 61, south carolina

  5. Thank you for the recipe. I made it for a special treat. Glazed it with chocolate and my husband went back for seconds. My 18 yr old son was impressed with the whole process. He actually stuck-around in the kitchen while I baked. Delicious!

    1. That makes me so happy to hear that your son stuck around….I hope you guys have lots more fun in the kitchen, C.

  6. Hi..I’m a new subscriber. Love your show and you made a chocolate cake in a spring form pan..it was on today’s show..made with almond flour. I cant find it on your web site..how can I get the recipe?

  7. Love your recipes. Looking forward to making this Tiger Pound Cake. Can I make it in a loaf pan. If so, what size pan Would I need use two pans. Thank you.

  8. Love your shows and family. Thank you for your cookbooks. I can’t wait to try this recipe. I love orange and chocolate together. And I wanted to tell you I made tamales by myself from your book and my husband was amazed. They were so good. Thank you for sharing your great recipes with everyone.

  9. I used Amaretto in lieu of almond ext.What I had on hand.. Killer! Also, you need to use sweetened cocoa, not the unsweetened.. Oops..
    I took it to a Denver Zoo meeting.. We have a newish Tiger exhibit.
    Everyone went crazy over it!

  10. Oh no, wish I had read comments before baking!! Used a standard Bunt pan. It’s 60 minutes in oven and is erupting like a volcano. Hope the middle eventually bakes. Fortunately I had anticipated that it might be too much batter and put a cookie sheet below to avoid too much of a mess to clean up. Next time I’ll put extra batter into cupcake tins.

    Pati, why don’t you edit recipe with note of caution about volume to help folks out?

  11. Thank you! Made this cake during the week! But will make again today. It’s really good. Just the on I had was a little smaller and it over filled. Will have to make cupcakes or something with the rest of the batter so it doesn’t overfill.

  12. The recipe is easily halved – a bonus for a small family with a small bundt pan.
    Fabulous cake! Easy to prepare with readily available ingredients. Super moist and the flavours remain distinctive yet complement each other well. A definite keeper!

  13. Forgive me if I’m missing something, but I really want to make this cake. In comparing this recipe to what you made in the episode I saw it on, I’m not sure what to do with the sour cream? You don’t use it in the episode 10 season 6. Please help.

    1. Oh sometimes I tweak recipes after the show to make them even better, Adam. Please follow the recipe that is on the site (with the sour cream). Enjoy the pound cake!

      1. I just noticed I misspelled a word. It should have said “pan de polvo.” Spell check changed my word.
        BTW, I did make your cake yesterday, and it was delicious. My husband did want some kind of orange glaze. Do you have one that you would recommend?

  14. Great recipe again, Patti! Thank you. The cake is delicious with the perfect balance of flavors. It’s not too sweet which I love.I had some batter left over as my bundt pan is a little smaller. I used the batter to make cupcakes. They were as much appreciated as the cake itself.

  15. Just inverted my perfect Tiger Pound Cake and will be delivering a few delicious pieces to my good friend Nicole. I had to try a slice and it is heavenly tender, moist and perfectly not too sweet.
    My husband and I love your show Pati! We especially appreciated the one on the Yucantan.

  16. Hello Pati,
    I wrote earlier about the Tiger Cake getting oily and gummy. The folks at King Arthur Flour said it was because I over-beat the mix after adding the flour, causing it to rise like a soufflé, then collapse in a dense heap. It should have been only gently and briefly mixed in. I will try it again that way. Thank you again for a lovely recipe and charming TV show.

  17. Hello Pati,
    The flavors of this cake were divine and the tiger stripes were stunning, but my cake turned out very oily and a bit gummy, while the crust was approaching black/brown. Oven is good. I’m going to try again with different flour and baking powder, and a tiny bit less butter. Any other suggestions? I want to get it right, but I’m not an experienced baker. Love your show! Thank you.

    1. Oh no, I’m so sorry, it’s hard to pin point exactly what it is, but maybe that it was just overlooked by a few minutes?

  18. if I wanna make a smaller cake, should I divide all the ingredients into half including the baking powder, baking soda, vanilla and all other small ingredients? or just use half the flour, butter,eggs and sugar?

  19. Hi Pati I have been watching you on PBS Ch.24-3,but haven’t seen your show of late. When will your show air. Thank Cathy. Lewisiville, Arkansas… I ‘m going to try the cake.

  20. Although I’ve been baking for many years, I had never made a marbled cake. Yesterday I made this one – and its amazing! My husband says its the best tasting cake ever, and it is simply beautiful. I cut the recipe in half and baked it in a 6-cup bundt pan – perfect!

      1. I did the same… halfing it works great and since I did not have enough orange juice I added orange liquor … yummy and because I made this with no planning I had to use a sour cream and greek yoghurt .. but it worked great.. what a good recipe … I also added 1/2 tsp of instant decaf coffee powder to the coco mix…

  21. Pati me and my 10 yr old daughter love your show, and tried this pound cake recipe, and it came out delicioso!! Thanks for your recipes and passion for comida mexicana.

  22. Pati I would love to make this. In fact im going to try bake it very soon. Would you recommend a simple nutella ganache recipe to make to put on top please?

  23. I am going to make this in a few days. If I am unsure if my bundt pan is big enough (10×3.5) could I just adjust how far up I fill the pan so the batter doesn’t overflow?

  24. Grandson’s just checked in –“The Cake is amazing!” High praise from two 16 yrs. olds. My lunch group also thought it delicious. It’s worth a new mixer to be able to make this on a whim. Could not be a better cake. I know why his Grandmother was impressed.

  25. I love this cake. I have made a similar cake for years to celebrate my twin grandson’s birthday, but this definitely takes it to the next level. My 20 yr. old mixer groaned and moaned with the amount of batter, but it was all worth it.

  26. Pati,

    Thank you for this recipie. I made this for New Year’s and it was a hit! This reminds me of “mantecadas”.
    I have a brunch coming up and would like to make this recipie as a muffin. Do you have any suggestions on baking time? And once again thank you for your culinary inspirations.

    1. Oh they will cook quicker in a muffin and it depends on the size of your tins. Keep on eye on them and check them with a tooth pick (it should come out moist not wet) and the muffins should be lightly brown. Have a great brunch!

  27. I have a question. I made the Tiger Cake yesterday and it was much thinner than what I saw on your program. So much so, that the plain and chocolate batters just ran together when i spooned them into my pan. Any thoughts?

    1. ​That happens sometimes with marbled pound cakes…the uneven marbling is part of the fun! Also, I call it Tiger Cake not because it has stripes, but because of the two colors. You can also try a different marbling technique. First pour the orange batter and then the chocolate batter on top, and using a large wooden stick or a butter knife you make a swirl from one end to the other. Let me know how the second on goes 🙂

  28. I’m excited to make this for my husband’s Birthday. He was born the year of the Tiger and he loves orange juice, so I expect this will be a hit!

  29. I appreciate your recipes and enjoy your cooking program inmensly. I feel very inspired by your love to México and its culture. I live in the border between El Paso, Tx and Juarez, Mx. and are faced up daily with the challenge to keep my roots but also embrace my borderlander reality and cooking mexican dishes with an American twist really works for me and my family. I suggest for your program northern border dishes we also have a very unique cuisine (burritos, tacos de discada, chile pasado, machaca con huevo, menudo norteño, queso menonita, quesadillas de asadero, etc.) that is also part of Mexico’s comida.

  30. I’m trying to make this Caie and so far is not working for me. The cake is inside the oven and it is spelling all over the place 🙁

    1. Oh I’m sorry to hear this…you may want to use a bigger and higher bundt pan or cut the recipe in half so it doesn’t spill over.

  31. Hola Pati..

    I just want to let you know how much of an inspiration you are to me. You are like sunshine and a wonderful teacher. I just watched the episode when you were in Oaxaca surrounded by the women who are “in charge” of their communities, and it brough me to tears (of joy) for witnessing such an inspiring source of strength. We women are the backbone of the world, and to see it is indeed beautiful. Now for the tiger cake…as soon as I finish this…I’m making it😆. The combination of chocolate and oranges is a lovely cokbination. Feliz Natividad to you and your family💟

  32. My husband just came upon your show one Saturday several months ago. When I saw the episode for Tiger Pound cake I couldn’t wait to try it. My mom loves pound cake and I made it for her birthday, she was thrilled with it. I also took a cake to work, it disappeared in no time. It was a huge hit. Thank you for sharing this.

  33. Hi Pati,
    I was so excited to make this recipe for my family after my father saw your show and announced that he just HAD to try this cake! Unfortunately, despite following the recipe so carefully, it never fully cooked in the oven, despite the beautiful brown crust on the top (and I baked it for 60 minutes at 350!). The outside of the cake was very pale and slumped over, with the middle very greasy/gummy and unbaked in the very center. I’m wondering if the reason was my pan–it is an older bundt pan that is a very pale light metal, not dark like yours. I wonder if it would have browned better if I had used a darker pan instead. I ended up salvaging it by slicing it and then baking the slices on a tray in the oven so it could finish, and my family still loved the flavor. I would appreciate any suggestions you might have or insight into what might have gone wrong! Thank you, and Happy last night of Hanukkah!

    1. Oh no… so sorry to hear this! It may be the pan, it may be the temperature too! But if your oven works at normal temperatures and times for other recipes it could be the pan.

  34. Hola Pati! We love watching your show on Create TV when we can catch it, and this weekend we saw this episode. You made the making and eating of this cake look so enticing, I just had to make it! It did not disappoint, however I wonder what might have made my batter so high and fluffy. The only thing I could think of that might have made a difference was that I only had 3 sticks of butter, and had to use 1/2 cup of cream cheese to match the 2 cups of butter required in your recipe. It really was a luscious looking batter, my kids and I were tempted to just eat it like a rich whipped custard. The crumb matches your photo, but I had entirely too much batter, and, anticipating that the cake would spill over my bundt pan while baking, I put a cookie sheet on the bottom rack to catch the extra batter, and ended up with a 2nd cake, “freeform style” haha. But for making a cake like this for the first time, I was impressed with how wonderful this recipe turned out! Now I just have to find a larger cake pan or try what someone else suggested and make mini loaves. I am so grateful to you for your hard work and example as a professional who is successful at doing what she loves while keeping family life a priority. Can’t wait to try more of your recipes. Muchas gracias!

  35. Hola, Pati

    Question about the cocoa powder: Dutch process or natural? Or does it make any difference?

    Muchas gracias y feliz año nuevo!


  37. Paty me encanta tu istoria eres increible para cosinar que digo increible..super duper chef olle no tengo cable te miro en un canal analogo a qui en tx y no me pierdo el programa asta los repetidos y el cake que te sigo fabuloso ya lo sabes

  38. My husband loves this cake!!! I will be making it again. My thanks also for your excellent explanations of the true flavors of Mexican heritage and culture. You teach more than just cooking! Please don’t ever stop, you are wonderful.

  39. Hola Pati
    Veo siempre tus programas.
    Esta receta se ve muy fácil y creo q es una buena idea introducir este rico pastel en Navidad. Espero me salga bien!. Gracias! Y Felices Fiestas navideñas🎄👼

  40. Hola Pati .🤗 Me habristes el Apetito con estos dos Platillos que Acabo de mirar los voy hacer no creo que me Salgan tan sabrosos como a ti . Pero trataré De seguí tus instrucciones Saludos de una de las miles Admiradores que Tienes .🙏🏼

  41. Hey Patti,
    Love you, love your show! Your take on Mexico, family and friends is heartwarming. You not only provided interesting recipes, but make me so relaxed and smiling while I watch.
    My question…if I cut the recipe in half and bake it in a half size bunt cake pan, how long should I bake it?

    1. It should just be about 6 to 10 minutes less…check with a toothpick and take out as soon as toothpick comes out moist but not wet.

  42. My grandboys helped me make this, so fun! I loved your story about your husband’s grandma questioning you, you always touch my heart. This may be our new Christmas tradition.
    Oh, and the cake is lushly delicioso! We had some cinnamon whipped cream on the side…

  43. This looks wonderful! Want to try it out but do you think I could substitute vanilla extract for the almond?? While I love almond flavor, my family are not big fans of it.

  44. Ola Patti. Because you made it look so easy I’m ready to make my very own, tiger pound cake. Because I’m always looking for unique ways to turn an ordinary cake into something special, you made it happen.
    For those that are fond of chocolate and orange, this fills the bill. Thank you Patti for yet another twist to baking,

  45. Thank you for showing how to make this delight. As well thank you for your cooking show on create tv as I do not have cable or sat tv. I live in Ontario Canada. Where does one find bitter orange and eposote out this way.

  46. I absolutely love watching your show! And this tiger pound cake looks awesome! I’m heading to the store first thing tomorrow for a few ingredients and can’t wait to cut into it! ✌💜

  47. Guess it work Pati you never lelf the house really, how Wonderful it a must try your version love pound cake, love my friend in the Mexican kitchen.

  48. Oh my but this looks so delightful! I’ve made something quite similar to this, but look forward to making this one. Thank you, thank you!

  49. I cannot wait to make the tiger pound cake. I love your cooking show. I made the arroz borracho con pollo, the roasted smashed potatoes, and ceviche. You’re a joy to watch & you inspire me to cook because you make it seem easy & fun. Thank you for sharing Mexico’s culinary heritage with us. Gracias Pati

  50. I have discovered your program recently…you are such a joy to watch and your passion consent across the tv!
    I made the pastel tigre today and next time I will cut down the almond extract by 50% otherwise it is a wonderful cake. Thank you for sharing your recipe with us!

  51. Hola Pati!
    Nos encanta tu programa y esta vez mi hija Ariana de 8 agnos de edad y yo hicimos el tiger cake. Lo disfrutamos mucho.