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Making Ice Cream in a Bag


  • Your favorite ice cream mix
  • 2 cups ice
  • 1/4 cup rock salt, also known as ice cream salt
  • A 1-quart very sturdy plastic ziplock bag
  • A 1-gallon very sturdy plastic ziplock bag

To Prepare

  • Pour your ice cream mix into the quart-sized plastic bag and shake. Then place the ice along with the rock salt in the gallon-sized bag and shake. Place the quart bag into the gallon bag. Wrap the gallon bag in a large towel and massage the bags, roll back and fourth across the top of your counter or a somewhat flat surface, or have the kids shake them up with a friend, until the ice cream thickens — a good 20 minutes. Don’t go wild on the massaging, rolling or shaking, because you don’t want either of the plastic bags to break.