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Pati’s Mexican Table Season 2

Episode 201: Classic Mexican Food Battles

Jump into a Lucha Libre ring and experience the kind of fighting spirit that fuels a great love of Mexican food. These classic recipes provoke heated discussions in Mexico, but are perfectly tasty regardless of which twist on ingredients you prefer.

Episode 202: School Lunch with a Mexican Twist

The same foods that parents pack into a hearty school lunch in Mexico are perfect for school lunchtime anywhere. These dishes are so tasty and filling, even grownups will want to take them to work!

Episode 203: A French Twist on Mexico

A tasty look at the way French cuisine has historically influenced modern Mexican cooking, and simple techniques any cook can manage with impressive results.

Episode 204: Easy Comfort Food

Simple, easy, home-style cuisine that you’d find in just about any Mexican home, this was Pati’s favorite “everyday” meal growing up in Mexico. It’s also one she regularly makes for her own family today. She’s proud to share the steps so that you can enjoy it, too!

Episode 205: Mexican-Style Kids’ Party

Fun, kid-friendly and (mostly!) finger food that you’d find at a children’s party in Mexico, adapted for your parties at home. A special guest shows up to make dessert!

Episode 206: Fonda Favorites

These home-style dishes are a staple at the small restaurants, known as fondas, in Mexico — and delicious inspiration for busy home cooks everywhere. Make them once, and they’ll become a simple but special treat in your own kitchen.

Episode 207: Family-Style Breakfast

The breakfast of your dreams prepared by Pati and her sister Alisa. This episode includes both quick, simple dishes and ones meant for a deliciously messy morning feast.

Episode 208: Tequila!

This episode puts a twist on tequila by using it in a number of tasty, savory and sweet recipes sure to impress special guests. A noted mixologist shows Pati how to make a unique cocktail, and she uses tequila to ignite a main dish.

Episode 209: Xochimilco: Cooking with Flowers

Pati takes you to Xochimilco, the legendary floating gardens of Mexico, and sprinkles a few flowers into some impressive but easy Mexican recipes.

Episode 210: Lip-Smacking Mexican Meal

By adding a few key Mexican ingredients to what you’d normally find in your pantry and fridge, you get these to-die-for, lip-smacking dishes.

Episode 211: Puebla: Food From a Colonial Jewel

Travel with Pati to the state of Puebla to see why it isn’t just the site of the legendary Cinco de Mayo battle — it’s also home to some of Mexico’s most luscious, delectable culinary treats.

Episode 212: Tacos, Tacos, Tacos

This episode explores three very different, very authentic and very simple twists on Mexican tacos, one of Mexico’s most iconic foods.

Episode 213: Naturally Vegetarian Mexican

Forget soy and tofu; these are authentic Mexican recipes where produce, fruits and vegetables are naturally the stars.