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Explore Mexican Cuisine

  • Nuevo León

    An adventure destination with dazzling mountains, a distinctive cuisine, and a cosmopolitan capital

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  • Jalisco

    Birthplace of tequila, mariachis, birria, and many more beloved Mexican cultural traditions

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  • Texas

    Shares the longest border with Mexico of any of the U.S. border states and home to Tex-Mex cuisine

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  • Sonora

    Known as “Mexico’s great frontier” for its ruggedly beautiful desert landscape, cattle ranches, wheat fields, and at the heart of its cuisine is carne asada

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  • Sinaloa

    A farmer’s paradise with an extraordinary cuisine that reflects the bounty of its land and coast

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  • Guanajuato

    Considered the birthplace of Mexico’s independence and one of the most beautiful and historical states

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  • Yucatán

    Land of the Mayan legacy with a cuisine unlike any other in Mexico

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  • Puebla

    A main culinary hub where many of Mexico’s most iconic dishes originated and the home of Cinco de Mayo

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  • Oaxaca

    A hub of art and cuisine that has been largely influential on Mexico’s gastronomy and culture for centuries

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  • Michoacán

    Known as “the soul of Mexico” for its deep heritage, home to the “carnitas capital of the world,” and the world’s largest producer of avocados

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  • Mexico City

    Mexico’s independent capital city and one of Latin America’s great culinary capitals

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  • Campeche

    An ancestral home of the Maya along the Gulf of Mexico

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  • Baja California Norte

    Home to the quintessential border town of Tijuana and a cultural melting pot with an exciting regional cuisine in the making

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  • Baja California Sur

    Home to one of Hollywood’s favorite vacation destinations, natural wonders, and an inventive, playful cuisine

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