La Frontera

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La Frontera Season 2

Episode 1: Fronterizos of the Golden Coast

Pati travels along the California-Mexico border, one of the world’s busiest crossings, to meet the fronterizos of the golden coast and experience the melding of cultures, cross-border collaborations, and explosive creativity and growth. In San Diego, she discusses multicultural identity with journalist Jean Guerrero and continues the conversation with muralist Michelle Guerrero, a.k.a “MR. B BABY.” Then she joins in a collaboration between San Diego and Tijuana’s gay men’s choruses. She explores culinary innovation in Baja California meeting the “godfather” of Mexican wine, Hugo D’Acosta. In Tijuana, she tastes the original Caesar Salad and gets in the ring with world champion boxer Jackie Nava. In Mexicali, Pati visits Mexico’s largest Chinatown, La Chinesca, where she tours an underground world built by Chinese immigrants and tastes Mexican-infused Chinese cuisine.

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