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2024 James Beard Award Winner for Outstanding Docuseries! Pati makes her PBS Primetime debut as the host of the culinary travel special, La Frontera, which highlights the fascinating, yet misunderstood, US-Mexico border region where countries and cultures collide. In Season 2 - now streaming on YouTube - Pati explores the western part the US-Mexico border from Southern California and Baja, to Arizona and Sonora, and New Mexico and Chihuahua to experience each region’s rich culture, people and cuisine. The first season, which premiered in two parts in October 2021, Pati traveled along both sides of the Texas-Mexico border from El Paso and Ciudad Juárez, Laredo to Nuevo Laredo, McAllen and Brownsville. La Frontera with Pati Jinich demystifies the borderland communities, sparks dialogue and discussion, and furthers the narrative that saturates mainstream media about border communities. For more information, visit

La Frontera Season 2

La Frontera with Pati Jinich Season 2 - Trailer

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