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Pati’s Mexican Table Season 5

Episode 501: Chachi’s Champotón Kitchen

Pati heads to the coastal city of Champotón, Mexico, and gets a warm welcome from her friend Chachi. They taste their way through the local market and gather groceries for a family dinner at Hacienda Niop, where Pati learns the secrets behind the area’s most prized dishes including a giant tamal cooked underground. Back in her home kitchen, Pati makes her own simpler versions of those dishes.

Episode 502: Mérida: Exploring with the Locals

Pati gets an insiders look at Mérida, the capital of the Yucatán, with help from local chefs Pedro Evia and David Cetina. She explores the forefronts of molecular gastronomy, botanas or “bar snacks” at a cantina, family classics at the market, and even foreign influences like Kibi. One thing is for sure, Mérida is a food-lovers’ city. Back home, Pati puts together a classic Yucatecan family meal.

Episode 503: Celestún: Coastal Cooking

Pati’s good friend chef Pedro Evia, of K’u’uk restaurant in Mérida, takes her on one of his favorite day trips – a visit to the coastal town of Celestún. After a meal featuring the morning’s catch and seeing the main attraction (the flamingos), the day culminates in a cookout right on the beach. Back in her kitchen, Pati channels the charming fishing village with a simple, yet impressive meal.

Episode 504: Sunday Family Food

Sunday in Mérida is a joyous weekly celebration of food, dancing, and culture. The day is incomplete without a family meal. Luckily, chef Roberto Solís, of Néctar restaurant, welcomes Pati into his home for a traditional Sunday supper. Back at home, Pati whips up her own Sunday dinner for her own family, roasted pork tenderloin enchiladas covered in mole verde and topped with a fresh radish pico.

Episode 505: Campeche: Tale of a Pirate City

Pati explores Campeche, a colorful colonial city with a history of piracy. The best place to gain an understanding of the city is the market where local gastronomic historian, Lolina Escheverria, unearths what makes Campeche so special. Pati also makes her way to the best restaurant in town, La Pigua. In her kitchen, Pati gives ceviche a surprising twist and indulges in coconut shrimp.

Episode 506: Ancient Yucatán with my Boys

Pati’s sons are in México, and she wants them to experience the true essence of Yucatán. They climb the ancient ruins of Uxmal, then cool off in one of the thousands of hidden cenotes (swimming holes). To fill their bellies, they eat the best tamales they’ve ever had along with the region’s signature dish, cochinita pibíl. Back home, Pati gives her own twist to this honored dish.

Episode 507: Izamal: Gold & God

Pati heads to Izamal, known as the “yellow city” with its colonial buildings all glowing in gold. Pati tastes the local venison tacos that people travel all the way from Mérida to enjoy, and the traditional pok chuk is not to be missed. Back at home, Pati takes the flavors of the region and infuses them into a classic lasagna and a pepita brittle for dessert.

Episode 508: Valladolid: A Day to Explore

Pati’s favorite way to explore a city is without a plan. Today, she’s in Valladolid, a city known to most as a stopover between Cancún and Mérida. She tries the local specialties, lomitos de Valladolid and longaniza de Valladolid. Back home, Pati makes her own version of her the lomitos and a soup you’ll find on every menu in the region.

Episode 509: Isla Mujeres Inspired

Known for white sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters and the friendliest locals in the Mexican Caribbean, Isla Mujeres is a haven for people from all over the world. Pati takes a day to explore and try the local delicacy, Tikin Xic. Back home, Pati prepares her own version to share with her boys, along with roasted broccoli and cauliflower and a dessert wrapped in a crispy wafer roll.

Episode 510: Cancún: We Meet Again

Pati explores Cancún to taste inventive dishes and experience the fusion of traditional Mexican cuisine with international flavors, like tuna tartar kibi and cold pork belly salad at Casa de Cristian Morales. Back at home, she and her sister, Alisa, are grilling up some summertime specialties: shrimp rolls, grilled potato salad and a pineapple dessert.

Episode 511: Turkey Day

Pati is preparing an epic Thanksgiving meal like no other because this one has a Yucatecan twist. Trade in your turkey for a citrus brined bird and boxed stuffing for one with chorizo, apple and cornbread. Brussels sprouts get spiced up with habaneros and pork belly. With Pati’s family and closest friends around the table, don’t expect there to be any leftovers.

Episode 512: Alan Goes to College

Pati’s oldest son, Alan, is heading off to college. She wants to make sure he’s prepared with some basic cooking skills, since mom won’t be doing the cooking at school. At the grocery store, Pati teaches Alan some essential shopping know-hows. Back at home, they make a simple dinner that is sure to impress: a perfect steak, double baked potatoes, and the best ever no-bake Mexican chocolate pie.

Episode 513: José Andrés Takes Over

Pati invites her good friend and celebrity chef, José Andrés, to cook with her. They join forces in her kitchen to whip together a series of Mexican and Spanish-influenced recipes that will be a hit on any family table.