sardine empanadas

BlogFeb 09

Sardine Empanadas

What to do with a couple cans of sardines? Do…

tamales coloraditos

BlogDec 05

Tamales Coloraditos

Tamales are practically required on so many December holidays. Take…

Bacalao Navideno

RecipesOct 25

Bacalao Navideño

Christmas Salted Cod Christmas Salted Cod recipe from Pati's Mexican…

tuna minilla casserole pati jinich

RecipesJan 03

Tuna Minilla Casserole

Tuna Minilla Casserole Tuna Minilla Casserole recipe from Pati's Mexican…

Mexican Style Gefilte Fish

RecipesSep 11

Do You Want it Red or White? Mexican Style Gefilte Fish

My paternal grandmother, Bobe, used to make two kinds of…